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June 2022 Poll

Are your clients concerned they will lose their principal residence exemption due to the new house flipping tax?
Yes: 68 votes
No: 64 votes

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Protecting Clients from Fraudsters

Fraud in the marketplace in an unfortunate reality. Protect your clients' real weath by being diligent in mitigating negative factors.

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Are RSP Contributions Always the Right Answer? It Depends…

RSP contributions are a great way to save for your retirement, but the trick is to use them correctly. Kevin Gebert, MFA designate and financial advisor, weighs in with his opinion.

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Preserve Your Appeal Rights

You are in a relationship with the CRA, so you need to know some key parameters.

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Are All Income Sources Taxed Alike?

No, different income sources attract different marginal tax rates.

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Charitable Donation Schemes and Proposed Legislation

Edwards v. The Queen.  A recent decision from the Federal Court of Appeal, Edwards v. The Queen (2012 FCA 330), contains interesting dicta regarding the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) administration of proposed legislation in the last decade or so, with the presiding Justice JA John M. Evans declaring it “fundamentally unfair.” 

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