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This Week’s Edition of KBR:

June 2024 Poll

With the June 17 proprietorship filing deadline approaching, do you believe advice about incorporation will change in light of the June 25 capital gains inclusion rates changes?
Yes: 26 votes
No: 37 votes

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Jeffrey Simpson Presents Post-Election Perspective at DAC

Must-Hear Post-Election Insights from a Premier Globe and Mail Commentator

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Year End Planning: The Election Has Changed Everything

Year end tax planning will need to be rethought in light of the dramatic change of government in Canada.  The most significant questions surround the implications for both winners and losers.

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After the Election: Accounting for Business Growth and Transitions

The role of accounting can go well beyond just tracking the numbers; providing advice to clients who are business owners will support their decision making and help them to generate real value. That’s why advanced planning for growth and transition is the focus of a new certificate course published by Knowledge Bureau this month.

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Tax Accountants Rejoice! T2 Micro Business Course Fully Updated

Do you know how to prepare a T2 corporate return for your small business clients?   Has it always been your professional development dream to get the credentials to do so?

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More Seniors Than Babies: Eight Drivers Towards a New Tax Strategy

It’s an important cross-over: for the first time, Canada’s 65-year-olds have outnumbered children ages 0 to 14.

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