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July 2024 Poll

Starting in July, CRA will provide legal warnings to recover more than $9 billion of overpaid pandemic recovery benefits like CERB. Do you think that is fair?
Yes: 115 votes
No: 23 votes

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Estate Planning: Testamentary Capacity

In order to make a valid will in any province in Canada, the testator (or will maker) must have a sound dispositive mind or testamentary capacity.

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Case Study: Planning the Sales of Home and Cottage

Is the gain tax exempt? Solve this case study: Phil and Sylvia have owned their home in the city for 20 years and their cottage at the lake for 10 years in that 20-year period...

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School Planning: Tuition, Education, Textbook Amounts

The start of the school year is only a short month away, and now is a great time to think about the tax benefits of post-secondary studies in order to be organized come year-end.

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Estate Planning: Wills Variation – Is It Right to Change a Will?

You live your entire life working and accumulating wealth, and are able to do whatever you like with it during your lifetime – spend, invest it, grow it, preserve it or give it away.

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FIRPTA and Capital Gains on the Sale of U.S. Real Estate

More and more Canadians are purchasing U.S. real estate for personal and/or rental use so this is a very important topic to understand before the purchase is made.

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