CE Speaker Spotlight: Larry Frostiak Shares Building Blocks for Successful Transition into Retirement

Should corporate owner-managers be removing corporate assets before year-end in defense of the passive investment income rules? How has retirement income planning changed based on new tax laws? Those are just some of the questions you’ll learn answers to at the November CE Summits, featuring special guest tax expert, Larry Frostiak.

“It’s an important year to focus on year-end tax planning early as higher net worth clients including investors, business owners and executives will look to professionals for the top ways to manage to a myriad of new tax changes in planning compensation and retirement income,” says Knowledge Bureau Founder and President, Evelyn Jacks. “For these reasons, Knowledge Bureau has once again recruited Canada’s top tax and retirement planning specialists to bring cutting edge strategies to tax and financial advisors this November.”

Leading the charge on the thorny subject of corporate owner-manager compensation planning is highly respected Knowledge Bureau Faculty Member, Larry Frostiak, FCPA, FCA, CFP, TEP. Founding partner of Frostiak & Leslie Chartered Professional Accountants Inc., Larry provides business and tax advice to owner-managed enterprises, including financial and wealth management services to assist clients in building “tax-efficient” business and corporate structures. Larry also specializes in providing clients with estate and trust services.

“I'm passionate about working with business owners because I’ve always believed that Canada’s economic success depends on people that are creating jobs for others. These are business owners and managers who are prepared to take measured risks,” says Larry.

Asked why planning with business owners is so especially important in 2019, Larry told us,Many of your clients will ask you whether they should be removing corporate assets in order to avoid the application of these new rules. The answer will depend on what type of passive income is earned in that company, or an associated corporation, and alternatives for investing in an RRSP or TFSA. And so, it will be important for you to understand current investment strategies for your business clients under the new passive investment tax rules.”

Larry will also examine three different ways that owner managers can structure their remuneration, particularly in light of the TOSI tax rules that have restricted the ability to pay dividends to other family members. Delegates will learn about essential building blocks for creating a successful transition plan and retirement nest egg for the owner manager.

The fall CE Summits tour is coming to Winnipeg on November 4, Toronto on November 5, Calgary on November 6, and Vancouver on November 7. Register online now to reserve your space and take advantage of early-bird and special group pricing offers.

These Knowledge Bureau Education Days will be led by Canadian tax expert Evelyn Jacks, and also feature best-selling author Doug Nelson, author of Master Your Retirement. Earn 10 valuable CE credits at these workshops, while you join a highly engaged audience of tax and financial advisors who are looking to network, collaborate and build referral networks.

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