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What’s New at Knowledge Bureau?

E-Learning, Elephants, and a Renewed Focus: all with tuition cost reductions until March 31.

“As we all transition to a new normal, please know that Knowledge Bureau’s
e-learning campus is open and operating as usual from its fully virtual pandemic requires we take good care in isolation. In these unprecedented times, a renewed focus on your professional education, conveniently online, can also be a stress reliever. We are poised to help.”

- Evelyn Jacks, Founder and President, Knowledge Bureau

About our weekly course news releases:

We are proud to share new courses offerings as we continuously develop cutting edge and immediately implementable courses for our busy students. That’s what makes a Knowledge Bureau education so relevant and unique. Need something specific that you don’t see here? Please let us know about it.

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How Can You Help Canadians Recover from Financial Fallout?

The true financial test on how well Canadians will weather the financial storm brought on by the pandemic will occur in the months to come. A glimpse into that future is well described in a June 2020 report from the Bank of Canada. It suggests three catalysts, working together, that can lead to successful financial recovery:  

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Year-End Tax Tip: Time to Buy a New Car?

Should you buy a new car before year end to reduce your 2020 taxes?  It’s a good question especially because lucrative new tax rules were put into place for the write-off of most capital assets* on November 21, 2018.  Taxpayers can in fact, triple up on the usual first-year tax deductions when they acquire assets in the period between November 20, 2018, and December 31, 2023, and put them into use before 2028.  

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