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Imagine – you have a business owner who was referred to you are coming in at the end of the week and they want to talk to you about how they should tax-efficiently distribute their business income.  You want to make sure you are prepared to wow them with your expertise in this area.  Now you can: check out the New CE Savvy Biz Ed™ line up of interactive, short courses from Knowledge Bureau. Today's preview:

Salary & Bonus: Owner-Manager Compensation Planning

Why You Should Take This Course:

Paying a salary to the owner/manager or to family members is a direct way to get money into the hands of family.  This is advantageous where corporate income would otherwise be subject to tax at high rates in one person’s hands.  But you need to advise your client that there are important tax rules to observe before you do that; for example, how to distinguish a salary from a payment for self-employment services, or the fact that the work actually needs to be done for a fair and reasonable salary you would pay a stranger.  Paying dividends is fraught with even more complexity:  the Tax on Split Income Rules or TOSI Rules.

What You Will Learn:

This CE Savvy Biz Ed™ course will discuss the nature of an employment relationship, even when the owner-manager is the employee of the company and the circumstances in which the payment of a salary is the preferred method of compensating owners.  You will also understand the technical and ‘soft’ issues that arise under income tax law when a salary is paid. Finally, you’ll be able to identify and access important resource materials in evaluating the income tax treatment of employment-related benefits.

Questions you’ll be able to answer:

  • How does one distinguish an employment relationship from self-employment?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of paying compensation in the form of salary?
  • What compliance issues arise for income tax purposes when a salary is paid?
  • What non-compliance tax issues need to be considered when a salary is paid?

Included with the course:

  • Industry leading, interactive education module designed to make learning more enjoyable
  • Knowledge Bureau continuing education accreditation
  • Certificate of completion that can be shared on your LinkedIn profile to promote your expertise

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“I love the Knowledge Bureau CE Savvy Modules! It will now be our firm’s first place to enrich our knowledge and skills while earning our required CE credits to maintain our registrations. Personally, it is easy to login, find the topics of interest, easy to navigate through the courses, and the special effects (pictures, diagrams, animations) make you want to stay on-line and complete otherwise boring topics …. Because Knowledge Bureau makes it fresh and exciting! Thank you for this invaluable tool!”

D. Tony Mahibir, CEO, CANFIN
MBA, CMC, RWMTM, CIM, RRC, CFP, FP Canada Fellow


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