Graduates in the News: Lilian da Silva

Entrepreneur Lilian da Silva of Cambridge, Ontario is a recent graduate of two Knowledge Bureau’s courses, Bookkeeping for Small Business and Advanced Payroll for Small Business. She is so excited about her future, and ready to start her third course for her first diploma. Here’s her story:

“I am on the road to achieving my designation! This is something I want to do for me, not for an employer. If you put your heart into it, you’ll reap the rewards, gain a magnificent sense of accomplishment and find a new sense of self confidence.”

She pointed out what makes Knowledge Bureau courses different: “I was quite frustrated with the other courses I’ve taken in the past. Twice I was given buyout packages that included a second career program. Both times I took advantage of the offer and went to either college or university, but I felt unfulfilled. The professors were uninspiring and lacking in the technological skills I craved. Then, I was talking with a friend, who suggested the Knowledge Bureau. Another friend gave the same recommendation. It seems no matter where I land, I work with numbers so I checked out Knowledge Bureau’s website.”

She has also reaped personal and professional benefits: “The courses have increased my self confidence and given me hope; I know you can do it; I know I can help. Where ever I end up I know I have the skills and most importantly, the theory. It all makes sense. As an entrepreneur, I can be confident in what I charge. That's because I will have earned those initials after my name.”

Lilian continues, “What surprised me the most about the courses was how well they were planned and organized. I enjoyed the format of the courses and how they keep me going. I knew I had to be disciplined in my approach in reading all the material. When I first started though, I was afraid of the timelines but did not know how it would unfold. But once I got into the course I realized it was doable and that “I can get the designation!” I just keep going and going!

When asked about her future goals, “I feel I’m on a roll and I’m ready to commit to finishing my designation. With the tremendous responsibilities of aging parents, I know I can find the stability and fulfillment I seek. I don’t see my father and mother as much as I should, but they too understand and encourage me to excel. The realize how important this is.”

Lilian’s glimpse of wisdom, “Stick with it, right to the end! The rewards are wonderful.”

Interview by Nancy Folliott, Assistant Manager of Publishing for Knowledge Bureau.

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