Graduates in the News: Stefanie Keller, RWM™

“Knowledge Bureau is in the forefront of the industry. We must get that message out to the public; it is a game changer,” says Stefanie Keller, CEO of Stellar Wealth and Tax Solutions in Winnipeg.

Stefanie spoke with Knowledge Bureau about why the financial services industry now demands a unique mix of skills: “Financial decision making is now so complicated, I feel that as a financial advisor I need strong people skills to accompany my technical and financial planning strengths. Choosing the right mix of technical information and emotional intelligence is very important. It can often determine how complete the financial proposals are, and it influences my ability to build and sustain networks. Knowledge Bureau’s Real Wealth Management Designation is about this type of engagement. It is about us as trusted advisors and educators integrating people skills with engaging and motivating clients to apply tasks like problem-solving and decision making.”

On why she chose a Knowledge Bureau education: “I registered as a student at Knowledge Bureau because it is recognized and respected as an industry leader and it is making a difference. When I read the lesson plan for the Real Wealth Management course, I knew that one was for me. I want to be in that leadership circle of influence in an evolving industry for me and my clients. John F. Kennedy once said, leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. I want to be that leader.”

What did you find challenging?
“Learning a new toolkit is always a welcome challenge for me. I master the challenge because I know it contributes to lifelong learning. Knowledge Bureau’s toolkit of EverGreen Explanatory Notes, and their plethora of calculators, were no different. I find them extremely efficient in demonstrating short- and long-term projections to clients.”

Did anything surprise you in the courses?
“What surprised me about the course was the approach. This course is about implementing the Real Wealth Management process from an emotional intelligence point of view. Yes, there was a technical component to the process, but it was more about using emotional information to guide clients in achieving their goals.”

How did you feel when taking the courses?
“I enjoyed the course because I was engaged. I am interested in emotional intelligence and this course illustrates that human element of managing wealth. Financial planning is more than crunching numbers. It is about recognizing my own emotions and those of my clients. It is about motivation and empathy. It is about using the information to guide my clients’ thinking and behavior. The RWM is a real application for day-to-day practice.”

What did your family think about the amount of time spent?
“I believe a curious mind is a precursor for a life of passion, success and lifelong learning. It has given me and my family this crazy life of late nights, early mornings, through summer and winter, to do what’s best for my clients. We have no regrets.”

What are your future goals?
“I want to align my practice and my learning to address the evolution of the industry as well as regulatory and tax reforms. I want to collaborate with Knowledge Bureau on their courses and programs. I look forward to making a difference!”

What is the glimpse of wisdom you can share with our readers?
“Knowledge Bureau, with their first-class courses, offer a sustainable, long-term educational framework for industry professionals. That’s the good news. The bad news is, clients, even though they are better informed than ever, don’t know what Real Wealth Management means. Let’s do a better job in explaining our credentials … especially with this specialized Real Wealth Management program.”

Interview by Nancy Folliott, Assistant Manager of Publishing at Knowledge Bureau

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