Highlights of the 15th Annual Distinguished Advisor Conference

Knowledge Bureau celebrated a joyous 15th anniversary with 150 delegates as part of an outstanding program of topics and inspirational messages by all the gifted speakers at the Distinguished Advisor Conference in Quebec City. If you missed out, here are some highlights to inspire you to attend next year’s hot conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, November 10-13.

First, join us in congratulating this year’s Young Advisor Award Winner, Kristin Ramlal once again. She was featured last week in the Winnipeg Free Press where she spoke about the award, and provided some tips on finding a savvy financial advisor. In 2019 the award will be expanded to include new advisors of any age, who have worked in the tax and/or financial for five years or less. Stay tuned for details on how to apply!

Here are the highlights from this year’s event.

Day One. Four time Olympian Caroline Ouelette, an incredibly articulate and inspirational leader who spoke to the issues of leadership in a new and diverse environment, also kicked off the DAC as MC. She introduced Evelyn Jacks, President of Knowledge Bureau, who set the stage for the theme The Changing Face of Community – How to Collaborate with Impact.

Dr. Jack Mintz discussed the challenges Canadian entrepreneurs and professionals now face in responding to U.S. tax reforms. He said that the U.S. competitiveness with deregulation and tax reform is putting new pressure on Canada to act on its own tax reforms. He noted we should watch for both Federal and Provincial changes in the coming years, potentially after the next federal election.

Dr. Michael Geist, law professor at the University of Ottawa and Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, spoke about the frightening new world of privacy invasion we find ourselves in, and how to navigate it. He advocated for more public engagement on the issues and more informed policy making.

We also heard from Bonnie Foley-Wong, an outstanding young woman leading in the impact investment space. As a CEO with social purpose on her mind, she highlighted the importance of integrating analysis, emotion, body, and intuition into your investment decisions.

Day Two. started day two by making a case for more thoughtful tax reform – and an entertaining rant about the failed July 18, 2017 tax reforms.

Dean Smith discussed the complex U.S. tax issues for Americans living in Canada and the impact of the U.S. tax reforms on Canadians, clearly leaving the audience wanting more – which he will provide to attendees of the May CE Summits. Register now! These workshops will be coming to 4 cities across Canada. Dr. Smith and Cadesky Tax also honored new graduates and designates by sponsoring the champagne reception at the conference.

We heard from IFB’s Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs Susan Allemang on the interjurisdictional issues for serving the best interests of Canadian Investors, which vary broadly with different regulators, an issue particularly hard on independent financial advisors.

Lawyer Shoshana Green took a tour of Canada’s immigration system and its impact on every advisor’s practice given the 350,000 new immigrants that are entering Canada this year. Underscoring the opportunity was Allan Jacks’ lesson on rethinking your ideal client; standing in for Dan Collison, who also gave an inspirational lesson at the Business Builder Retreat on revisiting your Passion Statement. Great stuff!

Helene Chatelaine, Chief Underwriter at ivari, and long-time partner of DAC made us think forward to the future in explaining what the insurance business is likely to look like in 2036, and the factors leading to its transformation. For example, mortality rates may be decreasing, largely because of Canada’s opioid epidemic. Did you know that we’re ranked second in the world for this problem, behind the U.S.?  She also provided great information about the transformation of the industry with the new cannabis legislation and some humous tips for living a longer and healthy life!

Day 3. IIAC President Ian Russell started Day 3 with a thoughtful presentation on the future of professionalism in the financial services and a reflection on the role of regulation on advisory practices.

Following Alexis Verganelakis of Franklin Templeton and Pierre Labbee, Paul Nazareth, VP of CAGP gave a magnificent speech on the opportunity for advisors in having a philanthropic conversation with their millennial and boomer clients. He also introduced new MFA-Philanthropy Designation program, coming in 2019, in partnership with Knowledge Bureau.

MCs Dean Cockell, manager of Portfolio Strategies in Winnipeg and sponsor of the Business Builder Retreat, and audience favorite Mick Kelly, added charm to a well-timed program. 

Knowledge Bureau is so grateful for the support of all the sponsors at DAC, who contributed so generously with their time and money.

This is just a taste of the thought leadership at DAC. You’ll have to join us next year for more – as a speaker/sponsor or as a delegate!Thought-provoking sessions like these will speak to the theme Economic Resilience - Wealth Creation and Distribution in the New Economy at DAC 2019, in Puerto Vallarta! Register before November 15, 2018 to receive a $300 hotel credit and take advantage of early bird rates.


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