Knowledge Bureau Launches 7 New Online Courses

Against the backdrop of high interest rates, complex tax changes and an economic climate that’s increasingly volatile, Knowledge Bureau has given professionals in the tax and financial services industry more tools to cope with their clients’ questions. With seven newly updated tax courses launching November 1, it’s an opportunity to enhance your education before year-end.

Finance Canada hinted last week that Canada’s income tax system is about to become even more complex when the Fall Economic statement is unveiled November 21. Having the ability to make tax-efficient decisions for personal and corporate clients has never been more important.

With this lineup of newly updated courses, available online 24/7, you’ll learn the following:

Tax-Efficient Retirement Income Planning - This leading-edge program is designed to provide structure and process for advisors interested in specializing in tax-efficient retirement income planning. This is a skillset in great demand by the baby boomer demographic—the most affluent generation in our history—who seek credible, trusted and expert solutions to their complex retirement planning requirements, and view tax erosion as the biggest threat to their wealth.

Tax Strategies for Investors - Tax, financial planning and wealth management competencies are required to fund goals for income and capital accumulation derived from investments. The advisor must use a strategy and a process geared to preserving, growing and transitioning wealth tax efficiently to the next generation, throughout the lifecycles of individuals within a family.

Planning with Trusts - You need to know the pros and cons of all possible solutions for wealth and succession planning. Planning with trusts is becoming more and more common, and if you can’t answer questions and explain the concept, your clients will find someone who can. This course will provide you with well-rounded knowledge to nail down a long-term and potentially intergenerational connection to the client and their family, with the ability to ask probing questions and connect with the right professionals who can facilitate the appropriate estate planning solutions.

Corporate Income Tax Fundamentals - Learn to prepare a T2 corporate return for your small business clients. The focus of this course is to provide the preparer with an understanding of the business issues and tax options that underlie the taxation of corporate income, so that the return can be prepared accurately, tax is minimized and planning opportunities are identified on a timely basis.

Tax Planning for Incorporated Professionals - This course will focus on preparing T2 returns and personal/corporate tax planning for small to medium-sized businesses owned and operated by professionals, with a special focus on financial advisors and medical practitioners. Retirement and succession planning will be an integral part of the course.

Corporate Owner/Manager Compensation - Are you able to advise private business owners and managers about the best way to manage their compensation to maximize the amount of after-tax income available? This course has been designed to do just that. You will get a solid understanding of options available when constructing compensation packages, of the salary-dividend-bonus mix to maximize tax efficiency for the owner and each family member, and of constraints imposed by income tax and other laws so you can provide sound advice to the employer or client on compensation planning all year long.

Cross Border Taxation - As baby boomers age, technology makes it possible for people and businesses to operate globally, and economic changes make it appealing for people and businesses to purchase investment property abroad. At the same time, there are growing concerns with the increased sharing of financial information between countries; cross-border taxation issues that are key for international employment, entrepreneurship or asset ownership; and the tax implications of residency and U.S. citizenship. Advisors who work with affluent boomers must be prepared to discuss cross-border taxation with comprehensive general knowledge, as well as recognize and advise on how certain actions on both sides of the border affect a person’s tax situation.

Additional educational resources: Interested in a sneak peek of the new Knowledge Bureau curriculum before enrolling? Free trials of the above courses are available, and you’ll earn 2 CE credits upon completion of each preview!


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