Last Chance: Leap Year Special - Save 37% and Get Your New Credentials

It’s Leap Year 2020, and it's a day that only comes around once every four years. So, do something remarkable with your education by gaining new credentials to earn a second or independent income, or shore up the skills in your independent practice. But hurry! Take advantage of our Leap Year tuition offer by February 29 to save $595 on any two certificate courses. Our graduates share insights on our four recommended areas of specialization that they believe are Leap Year worthy.

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Offer expires February 29, 2020

Personal Tax

“As a German accountant who came to Canada in the year 2000, I sought an easily accessible, sophisticated and affordable solution to gain knowledge of Canadian accounting rules and regulations. No other post-secondary institution offered the same opportunity. The unique combination of working, practicing and learning - through hands-on training in seminars and workshops, and through online courses with easy-to-follow course material that was challenging and effective - allowed me to build and expand my knowledge, resulting in increasing confidence and competence to build and grow my business.” - Frank Arnold, DFA - Tax Services Specialist ™.

Corporate Tax

“My new MFA™ designation is a great talking point with clients and prospects. It shows that I am continuing to learn and grow as an advisor which ultimately adds to their confidence in the quality of advice they receive. I have found that the new designation also increases the frequency and quality of referrals. The MFA program is thorough, leading edge and fun. The combination of the written journal with the audio CD and the on-line tools is a great way to absorb and adopt more complex concepts and solutions.” - Douglas V. Nelson, CFP, CLU, MFA™, RWM™, CIM


“it is excellent at helping beginners understand the basics of bookkeeping, and be able to practice hands-on with Quickbooks and Sage.” - Wendy Hartmann, DFA™-Bookkeeping Services Specialist, Undergraduate

Retirement and Estate Planning

“This course is a great review for me given my current training as a CFP and with my MBA. However, I have to say I really like the course presentation. The information is very straight-forward and gets right to the practical side of working with people regarding planning and living in retirement.” - Laura Sciore, MFA™ - Retirement Services Specialist Undergraduate