Need AIC Credits? RWM™ Program has 20 for You!

Now you can earn 20 life credits with AIC along with 30 KB, 30 life credits with ICM, 20 CIRO PD, and 20 MFDA and lead a collaborative team of professionals and help your clients accumulate, grow, preserve and transition sustainable wealth The RWM™ credentials signify comprehensive training in delivering holistic wealth management service. Want to learn more about the RWM™ approach? Register now to join us at a complimentary live-virtual event on May 7, hosted by practicing Real Wealth Managers™ and outstanding thought leaders, and explore an interactive online Orientation.

A Real Wealth Manager™ is the client’s most trusted financial advisor as the strategist who leads all the other specialists in the execution of the clients’ strategic financial plan. Demonstrating deep and broad knowledge in tax-efficient investment, retirement and estate planning, the RWM™ is the coveted role deservedly filled by this knowledgeable professional.

Want to get a feel for this program before you register? We have a risk-free Program Orientation launching on May 7 and you can register now! Included in your Orientation: Join the Society of Real Wealth Managers™ for a live Introduction to RWM™ at NOON CST on May 7.

Real Wealth Management™

One of the most respected programs in the industry. EARN YOUR DESIGNATION in 18 modules.

As a designated specialist, provide high value advice to help people meet wealth management goals. Study time is flexible—take up to 9 months to finish. This is a high-value program of special interest to tax and financial advisors, retirement, investment, insurance and estate planners, but also perfect for any individual wishing to take control of the wealth they accumulate throughout their lifetime.

Who Should Take RWM™? Advisors who truly want to offer a new value proposition and build strong, inter-generational, multi-advisory relationships throughout personal and financial lifecycles, will want to use a new approach: Real Wealth Management.

Graduates of the program will end up with these necessary skills: Managing the team of specialists to provide required expertise for financial solutions; implementing the RWM strategy on an efficient after-tax, after-cost basis with all stakeholders analyzing financial data expertly and consistently over time to meet financial milestones and reviewing and adjusting the strategy and process to meet ongoing client objectives.

Program Content

  • Module 1 | Defining Real Wealth Management
  • Module 2 | The Strategic Approach in Real Wealth Management
  • Module 3 | The RWM Process
  • Module 4 | The Costs of Building Wealth
  • Module 5 | Accumulation
  • Module 6 | Growth
  • Module 7 | Preservation
  • Module 8 | Transition
  • Module 9 | Objective-Based Family Planning
  • Module 10 | Tax Strategies: Managing Sources of Income and Capital
  • Module 11 | Cross-Border Issues - Canadians and US Investments
  • Module 12 | Start Ups: Incorporated or Unincorporated
  • Module 13 | CCPC Planning - Understanding
  • Module 14 | CCPC Planning Shareholder Remuneration
  • Module 15 | Leading the Real Wealth Management Strategy
  • Module 16 | Sharing the Plan with Inter-Advisory Stakeholders
  • Module 17 | Analysis, Accountability and Go Forward Planning
  • Module 18 | You, the Real Wealth Manager