Now Available: Master Your Retirement, 10th Anniversary Edition

Best-selling author Doug Nelson, CFP, CLU, MFA™, RWM™, CIM, is a 27-year veteran of the financial services industry in Canada with a singular vision for his readers:  Don’t just “do” retirement…instead “Master Your Retirement”!  And he has some upbeat advice for those still worried about the one big question all retirees have. 

You guessed it: will there be enough? The 10th anniversary edition of Doug’s best-seller Master Your Retirement will help.

The dilemma is this: most people want to have the most after-tax income today to live their desired lifestyle, but life is very expensive, especially when food, clothing, taxes, shelter costs, as well as the costs of medical care rise faster than wages. 

On the other side, they want to have confidence and security of knowing they will never run out of money, and that their portfolio won’t disappear due to normal market fluctuations. These are the issues tackled in Doug’s book Master Your Retirement. It’s published by Knowledge Bureau and available now.

“We are delighted to have invited Doug to write this book ten years ago”, says Evelyn Jacks, President of Knowledge Bureau, “As a publisher, it is just as gratifying as we know it is to Doug that this book is a best-seller for all the right reasons: it is used extensively by both advisors and their clients.”

This is a book about drawing the right amount of income from each source at the right time so that you achieve real results such as:

  • A consistent and reliable income
  • Lower taxes, lower fees and a lower risk portfolio
  • Great confidence, peace of mind and predictability.

But, as Doug warns, there are three major problems with most “retirement planning” approaches today:

  • The most important objectives of the retirees are undefined.
  • The most significant costs in retirement are ignored.
  • Financial decisions are limited by the investment products used to achieve goals, and this is often directly dependent on the license held by the advisor.

“Drawing the right amount of income from each source at the right time is critical to your long-term financial security and for minimizing risk and tax,” says Doug. “Your goal is to end up with the most tax-efficient retirement outcome with purchasing power when you need it.”

He suggests that readers discuss all options with their professional advisors by first understanding:

  • The killers of income and wealth.
  • The retirement rules.
  • How to effectively navigate the phases of retirement.
  • How to master the retirement process.
  • Practical strategies for growing, preserving, and transitioning family income and wealth.

Don’t miss this newly revised and updated 10th Anniversary edition of Master Your Retirement, which now includes an all-new chapter on issues and strategies for the incorporated small business owner. Learn from the masters, overcome the great killers of wealth and then autograph your retirement in your own style and in your own way.

“My brother and I both have copies of Master Your Retirement. We both think it is one of the best retirement books available in Canada and wanted to thank you very much for writing it!”

– Jeff Gifford, ON

“Retirement is not one big leap of faith but a combination of many different steps. Doug has truly mastered retirement income planning.”

Alan Rowell, RWM™, MFA™, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™ — President, The Accounting Place

“The culmination of Doug Nelson’s expertise in successful wealth planning is thoughtfully laid out in this updated version of Master Your Retirement. Retirees and near-retirees needing effective and proven strategies to manage their income and savings in a tax-efficient manner throughout the different phases of retirement would be well-served reading this easy-to-understand informative book.”

Joel Schlesinger, Money Matters Columnist, Winnipeg Free Press

Douglas V. Nelson, CFP, CLU, MFA™, RWM™, CIM, is a 27-year veteran of the financial services industry in Canada and is the second-generation owner of Nelson Financial Consultants in Winnipeg. He is a senior financial planner and licensed portfolio manager. Doug authored several advanced financial planning courses with Knowledge Bureau from 2003 to 2012, is a highly regarded, thought-provoking industry speaker, and has been quoted repeatedly in many local and national media including the Business News Network.

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