PPP or IPP? 2022 CRA Limits Enhance PPP Tax Deductions

2022 CRA limits further enhance the tax deductions that Personal Pension Plan (PPP) clients have over Individual Pension Plan (IPP) clients. The gap of $91,194 in 2021 is now almost $12,000 larger in 2022! Those of you who like to project the extra wealth your clients will enjoy over long periods of time thanks to the power of tax-deferred compound interest should rejoice at this news, according to JP Laporte and Knowledge Bureau Partner for the first annual virtual Pension Conference for Accounting Firm Partners and their staff taking place on November 30, 2021. RSVP now - who wouldn't want an extra $100,000 in deductions over an IPP during one's career?

National Conference on Pensions for CCPCs

Theme: Future-Proofing the Next Generation of Canadian Controlled Private

 Corporation Owner-Managers

Owner-managers have important tax planning options for retirement not typically introduced by their advisors.  Delegates will have the opportunity to earn CE Credits while positioning themselves with a new value proposition. Advisors from the accounting and financial services who work with SME owner-managers who run a CCPC will benefit from attending this half day virtual conference and will gain new knowledge on:

  • New Trends in managing finances for small business owners
  • Rise of the gig economy and new wealth
  • New tax, retirement and estate planning options


In addition, you’ll learn and discuss the following:

  • How post pandemic recovery has changed financial and wealth planning needs
  • Why estate and succession planning is front and centre in the minds of small business owners
  • Why new and future owners have to do tax, retirement and business planning immediately


Check out the detailed agenda! Visit the interactive online version, which will give you the opportunity to learn more about the speakers and exclusive corporate sponsor.