New Students: Help SMEs Thrive With New Enhanced Credentials

According to a report earlier this year from Statistics Canada relating to enterprises in the first quarter of 2021, many businesses have continued to thrive in spite of the pandemic, and more will be on the road to recovery as Canada’s economy continues to further re-open. The financial sector, for instance, recorded an increase in net income of 11% before taxes, or $3.9 billion. Tax professionals can provide essential front-line services to help small business owners thrive and now two new educational opportunities provide credentials and confidence to do so.  

This summer, dive into the challenge of helping small businesses thrive by taking Knowledge Bureau’s new Enhanced Certificate Program at a special tuition fee of only $995 for two courses of your choice.  Enrol online with code: ‘21JULY’ by July 31, 2021.

To increase your skills and help SMEs, consider pairing the newly updated Filing Proprietorship Returns with the  Corporate Tax Filing Fundamentals course. These new credentials will give you the technical skills you need to help small business owners position themselves for success as they move from unincorporated to incorporated business structures. Plus, each course enrolment will advance your VIP Grad Status and tuition savings opportunities, which we’re offering through the introduction of a new affinity program for our returning students.

Register online 24/7 using the links below or call 1-866-953-4769 for personal assistance.

Corporate Tax Filing Fundamentals

This course serves as an introduction to the preparation of a corporate income tax return for a small business operating under a corporate structure as a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC). The case studies included in this course include the preparation of corporate tax returns for the current year. This course contains all known changes that will apply to future years.

Chapter 1 | Basis of Reporting Income
Chapter 2 | Understanding the Corporate Balance Sheet
Chapter 3 | Understanding Shareholder Equity
Chapter 4 | Sources of Corporate Income
Chapter 5 | Creating an Audit Trail for CRA Purposes
Chapter 6 | Completing the T2 Return
Chapter 7 | Tax Reserves
Chapter 8 | Shareholder Remuneration
Chapter 9 | Corporate and Shareholder Integration Theory

Filing Proprietorship Returns

This course is designed to teach professional advisors tax preparation for proprietorships, using CRA's prescribed forms—Statement of Business or Professional Activities, Capital Cost Allowance statements, worksheets for reporting home office, automobiles, other assets, inventory control, and cost of goods sold.

Chapter 1 | Taxation of Income from a Proprietorship
Chapter 2 | Reporting Requirements: GST/HST
Chapter 3 | Claiming Business Expenses
Chapter 4 | Transactions Involving Business Assets
Chapter 5 | Home-based Businesses
Chapter 6 | Hiring Human Resources
Chapter 7 | Inventory-Based Businesses
Chapter 8 | Disposing of and Replacing a Business
Chapter 9 | Farming and Fishing Enterprises
Chapter 10 | Professionals and Partnerships

New students should check out the Virtual Registrar to enrol.