Students in the News – Kelly Malloy – Undergraduate

If you are a student at Knowledge Bureau, Kelly Malloy is a name that may sound familiar. She’s with you (literally!) as an undergraduate in the MFA™- Executive Business Growth Specialist designation program. Kelly, who is also the newest member of Knowledge Bureau’s team of Relationship Managers, helps students make decisions about courses and programs to accomplish their career goals; all while she’s enhancing her own training and knowledge.

Kelly has completed two courses in the MFA™- Executive Business Growth Specialist designation program. She decided to enrol as a result of her commitment to enhancing the experience of all Knowledge Bureau students. When asked what motivated her own educational pursuit, she said: “I want gain more knowledge in tax and business so I can provide my clients with in-depth information when helping them making decisions about their future.”      

In the future, Kelly also hopes to enroll in the, once she has completed her first designation. 

Kelly shared further insight about the process of pursuing her education and her experience as not only a student, but also a staff member at Knowledge Bureau by answering the following questions:

How would you tell your Knowledge Bureau story to a friend? “If you are looking for a great professional development opportunity and the convenience of learning at your own pace – this is a great place to develop your skills.”

What did you find difficult? “Some of the calculators, because I did not have any previous experience using them.”

Did anything surprise you in the courses? “Some of the information pertaining to business culture and how important it is to sustain a positive work environment for success.”

How did you feel when taking the courses? “Empowered. Finishing a course is very rewarding and makes you become more confident in your industry.”

Were you happy with the outcomes? “I was very pleased with the outcome of my course, with the right mindset and effort you can achieve your goals and receive a great mark, 85%!” 

When we asked Kelly what glimpse of wisdom she would share with our readers, as one of our most encouraging and optimistic staff members, she did not disappoint with her response. She suggested that we should “Always strive for success and be positive in and outside of your studies.”

Kelly we are so proud of you!

Additional educational resources: Discover your own pathway to education, using the new enrolment tool on our website. If you’re interested in following in Kelly’s footsteps, signing up for a free trial or signing up for the MFA™ - Executive Business Growth Specialist designation is a great place to start!





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