Study with a Buddy & Make a Difference as an RWM™

Make a difference while you differentiate with new credentials and a collaborative approach to leadership in building your practice and a natural referral network, too, with the Real Wealth Management™ Designation Program. The RWM™ approaches conversations with clients on a deeper level while following a compliant framework that goes beyond KYC and KYP – all to enable greater financial piece of mind. Enrol in the RWM™ Designation Program, only $1,295 for single registrations (save $500) or study with a buddy and your tuition is only $995 each.

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All taxes extra, cannot be combined with any other tuition offer.

Who Should Take the RWM™ Program?

Advisors who truly want to offer a new value proposition and build strong, inter-generational, multi-advisory relationships throughout personal and financial lifecycles, will want to use a new approach: Real Wealth Management.

“Being a Real Wealth Manager™ and belonging to the Society of RWM™ allows me to work with like minded professionals to continue to help our clients have the best possible tools available to them to improve their overall goals and aspirations for their own wealth and their family’s wealth.” - Theresa Wever, MFA™, CFP, EPC, RWM™, Branch manager & Financial Advisor, Wever Financial

The Real Wealth Management Framework:

Take a multi-stakeholder approach to Real Wealth Management: a long-term, multi-generational strategy, designed to keep all stakeholders on the same page under one holistic and unified plan.

The RWM™- Real Wealth Manager™ - orchestrates the client’s unique plan by leading a team of financial professionals required to accomplish the client’s goals, through direct communication and partnership with the family’s delegated Chief Financial Influencer (CFI). The CFI who acts on behalf of the household unit with the common goal of wealth accumulation, growth, preservation, and transition - with sustainability after taxes, fees and inflation.

How to Connect, Contribute and Collaborate as an RWM™

You may already be aware of the benefits of working in a multi-stakeholder environment with clients and other professionals. Now, formalize your process and your credentials with the RWM™ Designation and connect and collaborate with a vibrant national network of like-minded professionals. Please join us by:

  1. Becoming an RWM™ - Complete the RWM™ Designation Program
  2. Becoming a 2024 Member of the Society - existing RWMs are now eligible to get or renew their 2024 memberships now! Become a 2024 member of the Society of Real Wealth Managers™ to retain access to your exclusive benefits, including listing on the Directory, and access to the Tax Tip Toolkit which includes your RWM™ Discovery Calculators.