The World’s Largest Minority – Disabled People

Disabled people represent the world’s largest minority.  There are 1.1 Billion people in this category around the world and the reality is that this is a minority group everyone has the potential to join – any time.  Planning for incapacity is therefore a prime-of-life topic that advisors must raise proactively in order to maximize the opportunities for preparedness and importantly, the assistance that may be available through the tax system.

The financial implications of disability in an increasingly digital world, accelerated by the pandemic, requires a re-think of the communications protocols in the Know Your Client process.  Consider that:

  • In Canada, there are approximately 6.2 million people living with a disability.
  • Of the 5.2 million who interact with government or business, close to 45% report experiencing a barrier related to information and communications tech
  • Specifically, difficulties occurred as follows:
    • 27.2% experienced barriers accessing ATMS or self-checkouts
    • 24.3% experienced barriers accessing Federal government information and services including EI & disability benefits, and tax form filing, which often determines access to critical income supports
    • 19.1% experienced barriers accessing federal government regulated websites, which contains critical information about supports available.

How can you help your clients prepare for the possibility of a disability in their family?  How do you shore up your knowledge quickly to answer on-the-spot queries? Check out Knowledge Bureau’s new accredited CE Savvy PD™ line up of short courses.  Today’s preview: Planning for Disability.



Why You Should Take This CE Savvy PD™ Course:  Many clients are taking the possibility of a life-altering health events much more seriously as a result of the serious health consequences associated with COVID-19. You can provide your clients with important peace of mind and demonstrate your value as a trusted advisor by helping them plan for their own or their disabled loved ones’ short- and long-term financial security.

Disability can strike anyone at any time, throwing a client’s plans for a rosy financial future off track. You can help your clients avoid financial disruption by encouraging them to think about “what if” and creating an adaptable financial plan.

What You Will Learn in this CE Savvy PD™ Course: Most clients want to plan for a financial horizon that includes good health for themselves and their loved ones. Life altering health events can occur at any time, disrupting the most disciplined financial plans with financial uncertainty. In this course, advisors will be asked to think about the new conversations to start with clients affected by the financial impacts of life-altering events from the point of view of disability planning. Where should the money come from to fund the cost of disability and caregiving? We’ll look at registered plans, non-registered investments, insurance, and government sources of income.

What you will learn:

  • How to discuss the financial impact of a life-altering health event
  • The value of balancing registered and non-registered investments
  • Sources of financial security for people with a disability, including where to find current information on government resources available for coronavirus patients and their caregivers.
  • The Advisor’s Role: when and how to approach the topic of disability with your clients
  • Taking the long view to create a layered, adaptable financial plan that includes the potential for multiple family members to face short- or long-term disability
  • How to manage the accumulation and withdrawal of registered and non-registered investments and insurance through the lens of disability
  • Main features of government supported and private long-term disability programs
  • When disability becomes a vulnerability

Included with the course:

  • Knowledge Bureau continuing education accreditation
  • Certificate of completion that can be shared on your LinkedIn profile to promote your expertise



Only $69 and an hour of your time can act as a catalyst to grow your business and expand your knowledge base. Or save time and money by signing up for an annual subscription and gain on-demand access to the comprehensive CE Savvy PD™ professional library for the low annual fee of $995.  Taxes extra.  Qualify for a tuition fee credit when you spend more than $100.   


Here is what one of your peers had to say about this program:

“I love the Knowledge Bureau CE Savvy Modules! It will now be our firm’s first place to enrich our knowledge and skills while earning our required CE credits to maintain our registrations. Personally, it is easy to login, find the topics of interest, easy to navigate through the courses, and the special effects (pictures, diagrams, animations) make you want to stay on-line and complete otherwise boring topics …. Because Knowledge Bureau makes it fresh and exciting! Thank you for this invaluable tool!”

D. Tony Mahibir, CEO, CANFIN
MBA, CMC, RWMTM, CIM, RRC, CFP, FP Canada Fellow


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