A Renaissance: Knowledge Bureau’s DAC Acuity 2020

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has slowed the opening of social immersion in Ontario and interrupted our plans to hold the Distinguished Advisor Conference in Niagara Falls, so we’ll be going there in fall 2021 instead.  This year’s DAC Acuity 2020 will be held virtually, with the unparallelled professional education and networking that are the hallmarks of the event and lots of interesting twists. There are also two ways to schedule the event into your busy calendar. Check this out:

First, take a look at the agenda so far. While we will be adding so much more, ( so do come back often to check out the news), we know you’ll agree that the speaker line up is phenomenal.  

For early registration special pricing which ends June 30, see this link and enrol:   https://www.knowledgebureau.com/site/conference/dac#agenda

Why Attend Virtual DAC Acuity 2020?  DAC this year is going to be full of deep and rich learning experiences and so very many surprises. This includes our very impressive DAC-In-A-Box Net-U-Tainment Kit which will not only contain detailed information about partnered brands and new initiatives, but also a comprehensive online Knowledge Journal/course (with interactive Q&A testing included). 

There will be an extravaganza of networking activities, including the opening and graduate reception libations, the Kahlua Mocha Shots to go with the Chair Yoga, and our usual Mimosa Breaks. Plus, virtual cooking classes and helicopter wine tours that we will all be able to experience together virtually. And we’ll provide all the fixings. . .delivered directly to all of our attendees’ homes or offices.    

As a special bonus to our attendees, we will also offer two ways to immerse themselves in the education based on their time preferences.

  • The three day live event, which will take place 9-2 CT each day on ZOOM: October 28, 29, and 30
  • The recorded event, which can be done two hours a day over two: November 1 – 14

We will be highly recommending that attendees join us at the live event, as they will have direct and personal access to our incredible expert speakers through online chats and all a proliferation of interesting polling activities. We are planning a Facebook Group so everyone can share selfies and have office participation throughout all the special events. It will be an opportunity to share business profiles and personal stories as well. Your team will be able to interact directly with the attendees, answer their queries about your unique business opportunities for them and engage them in all the edu-fun!   

And, as usual, this will be an accredited event:  we will also be delivering an online course to go with the speaker presentations. This doubles up on CE Credits. . .providing up to 30 (depending on the accreditor) – so it’s a fantastic value! 

Partnership Perks – Join us as a Sponsor at DAC Acuity 2020 

From a sponsorship point of view, we hope to exceed your expectations by delivering new value for your investment, including:

  • Knowledge Bureau Report/Website Highlights
  • Virtual Conference Entrance Branding
  • Presentation Transition Banner
  • Bold Thinking Break-outs.
  • Virtual Sponsor Swag for DAC-in-a-Box.
  • The Virtual Ice-Breaker
  • The Online Course.  Your company biography and brand will be prominently featured in the Knowledge Journal in a new feature called Background Story.   
  • The New Advisor-Client Conversation in the Virtual DAC Program Guide 
  • Your Presentation and audience interaction opportunity.
  • The Activity Feeds.
  • The Virtual DAC Survey Questions.
  • The Free Attendee Spots.
  • Plus more!

Hope that you will be as excited as we are about this new opportunity to edu-network with a virtual twist - please let us know what you think! And, please join us!

For early registration special pricing enrol by June 30