Compliance Credits Available! Take Privacy Principles in Business

Privacy of confidential financial data is an important issue to your clients and no wonder: Statistics Canada says that about 57% of Canadians online reported experiencing a security incident in 2018.  Do you know how to avoid privacy risks that may arise in your business?  A new online certificate course, Privacy Principles in Business addresses many of the security issues that concern business owners these days, and now you can earn 10 compliance credits from IIROC by completing this cutting-edge course.

Clients must be able to trust that their personal data will be protected and not abused.  They also need to know that the companies who handle massive troves of personal data are accountable for protecting that data, to be transparent about how they use it and that they face very real consequences should they breach that trust. 

Knowledge of risks associated with holding and using the personal information and ways in which you can manage this is therefore very important. Additionally, hosting information in cloud-based environment exposes businesses to cyber risk. Your reputation and credibility will be diminished in the event of a breach of personal information, and you will likely suffer regulatory penalties.

This new course will introduce you to your obligations towards management of personal information in your possession and help you identify and manage privacy risks. This includes identifying what is personal information and sensitive personal information, best practices in relation management of collection, use, storage, retention, and destruction of personal information so as to build credibility and reputation in your business. The course is designed to support the business owners with key tools to manage the privacy risks and implement the best practices with least disruptions.

It is therefore an important certificate to earn if you are seeking to have a career in Regulatory Compliance and Privacy. As well, owners of small to medium enterprises which include Accountants, Bookkeepers, Tax Professionals and Financial Advisors, will benefit from this knowledge. 

Check Out the Course Content:  

  • Chapter 1 | Introduction to Privacy
  • Chapter 2 | Applications in Your Business
  • Chapter 3 | Privacy Risk Management – Principle of Accountability
  • Chapter 4 |Privacy Risk Management – Identifying Purpose
  • Chapter 5 | Privacy Risk Management – Consent
  • Chapter 6 | Privacy Risk Management – Limiting Collection
  • Chapter 7 | Information Security Risk – Part I
  • Chapter 8 |Information Security Risk – Part II
  • Chapter 9 | Responsible Innovation (allowable use of data)
  • Chapter 10 | Privacy in Artificial Intelligence

Be confident that you are operating your business within the regulations for privacy - take the course today!