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Navigating Privacy Issues


In your respective businesses, you are holding a lot of personal information to conduct your transactions. With the advent of technology, there are innovative uses of personal information. Knowledge of risks associated with holding and using the personal information and ways in which you can manage this is very important for your business. Additionally, hosting information in cloud-based environment exposes businesses to cyber risk. Your reputation and credibility will be diminished in the event of a breach of personal information and you will likely suffer regulatory penalties.

This course will introduce you to your obligations towards management of personal information in your possession. This includes identifying what is personal information and sensitive personal information, best practices in relation management of collection, use, storage, retention, and destruction of personal information so as to build credibility and reputation in your business.


Course Content

1. Introduction to Privacy
2. Applications in your Business
3. Privacy Risk Management – Principle of Accountability
4. Privacy Risk Management – Identifying Purpose
5. Privacy Risk Management – Consent
6. Privacy Risk Management – Limiting Collection
7. Information Security Risk – Part I
8. Information Security Risk – Part II
9. Responsible Innovation (Allowable use of Data)
10. Privacy in Artificial Intelligence


With the advent of the new ways of working in remote environment where personal information is collected, used, held and transmitted in non- traditional methods, it is very important to be cognizant of the regulatory environment, obligations of businesses and the risks associated with the same.
This course is designed to support the business owners with key tools to manage the privacy risks so that the business owners can implement the best practices with least disruptions.

Who Should Attend

This course is for anyone who is seeking to have a career in Regulatory Compliance, Privacy, owners of small to medium enterprises which include Accountants, Bookkeepers, Tax Professionals and Financial Advisors.

Why You Should Attend

Support business owners with key tools to manage the privacy risks so that they can implement the best practices with least disruptions to best serve their customers and be confident that they are operating within the regulations for privacy.

Marking Guide

Passing Grade
Honours Achievement

CE | CPD Credits

Knowledge Bureau: 30 CE
IIROC (cycle 9) 10 Compliance


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