Last updated: June 12 2018

DAC 2018: Dr. Jack Mintz to Address Canada’s Competitiveness

After decades of calm, the issue of competitiveness is front and centre for Canada. To address the best interests of your clients, your deeper knowledge about the emerging North American tax and trade reforms will serve you well, and there is no better person to help you interpret the changes than DAC Keynote speaker, celebrated tax expert and economist Dr. Jack Mintz.

Dr. Mintz will discuss critical tax and economic developments affecting your clients in a riveting session that pulls no punches at November’s Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC).  His session, entitled The Five Step Program: Fixing Canada’s Competitive Challenge, will highlight the important role you play in addressing emerging tax and economic issues – particularly in dealing with small business clients.

There are a number of core issues that affect our competitiveness under a new world order:  NAFTA talks have started to fall apart; we now tax large corporate investments by about 10 percent more than the U.S.; our personal income and sales taxes are higher; and we’re increasing levies on energy, which was already being taxed higher than in the U.S.

In fact, small- and medium-sized business owners in the U.S. will be paying lower taxes than their Canadian counterparts, by a wide margin. We aren’t just about to lose a whole lot of business; all levels of government in Canada can expect revenues to take a long slide, too.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Absolutely! Especially if tax and financial advisors and their clients make sound decisions for these tough times. However, the cautious risk manager will likely win the footrace over the foreseeable future. Holistically-focused wealth management advice is more essential than ever in light of what’s occurring with Canada’s economy.

An additional session, entitled Canada After NAFTA: Global Portfolio Management, will also be taking place. Stay tuned as more information is unveiled.

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