Last updated: September 07 2022

DAC 2022: Financial Peace of Mind Through the Emotional Despair of Climate Change

Estate Planning: Finding Financial Peace of Mind Despite Next Gen Despair

Estate planning discussions are always difficult, but these days, perhaps even more so.   That’s why tax and financial services providers must pay attention to new trends; notably that young people – those that need to be engaged as primary stakeholders in wealth transfers – have experienced a significant drop in hopefulness.  Author Dr. Britt Wray has written an important book, Generation Dread, and will share an urgent message at the DAC Acuity Conference October 16-18 in Niagara Falls:  intergenerational power and wealth will not fix the underlying malaise felt by future inheritors.  Tina Di Vito, Partner, Canadian Family Enterprise Leader, EY Private, will provide a counterpoint. 

She will share secrets to engaging the next generation in estate planning with an empowering approach.  The secret lies in helping families understand the purpose of wealth and why its stewardship is so important.  A clue:  estate and succession planning is really about hopefulness for future generations.  Through real life case studies Tina will help you guide conversations from negative self-fulfilling prophesies to self-actualization with the goal of making the world a better place because wealth was accumulated and successfully passed on.   

MC Lewis Kent will conclude this interesting session with his perspective from a young advisor’s point of view.

If you are to open a conversation about the future with younger members of the family, it is critical to listen to new values, and help them set the agenda for a completely different future.  That begins with listening well, to help young people heal, so that they can take steps towards a hopeful future. It’s an important topic you won’t want to miss.

Dr. Britt Wray is a Human and Planetary Health Postdoctoral Fellow at the Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Her research focuses on the mental health impacts of climate change on young people ('emerging adults') and frontline community members, socio-emotional resilience and capacity building for vulnerable communities, and public engagement for improved mental wellbeing and planetary health.

Dr. Wray has a PhD in Science Communication from the University of Copenhagen and is a journalist, speaker, and author of two books: Generation Dread: Finding Purpose in the Climate Crisis (Knopf 2022) and Rise of the Necrofauna: The Science, Ethics and Risks of De-Extinction (Greystone Books 2017). 

She has hosted and produced several science radio programs, podcasts and television programs for international broadcasters including the BBC and CBC, and is a TED speaker. Dr Wray is an advisor to the Climate Mental Health Network (addressing the mental health consequences of climate change through community engagement and by harnessing the power of media and technology), Climate Cares (a mental health research collaboration between the Institute of Global Health Innovation and the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London), and the Good Energy Project (a nonprofit unlocking the power of TV and film to inspire courage in the face of climate change.

The Agenda.  Of course, you don’t just come to DAC for the networking, there is the serious work of understanding the trends that lead to sound decision-making with your clients in the current environment.  Here are some highlights from this year’s educational agenda.

On the Full Agenda:

  • Velocity: The Speed of Change and Its Effects on Your Work
  • Ethical Behaviors: Breaking Down the Duties of Care
  • The Velocity of Money: The Rate of Spending and Its Impact on Investors
  • Coming Home: The Tax Quagmire for Ex-Pats
  • Team Building: Lunch at the Improv
  • New Money Demographics: Integrating Digital Currency in Investment Conversations
  • Hedging Risk: How to Manage Volatility to an Investor’s Advantage
  • Investor Behavior: Managing Fear of Missing Out
  • Truth & Reconciliation
  • Rethinking Wealth Advisor Services
  • Help Wanted: Transformative Leadership for Canada
  • The Speed of Tax Change: What it Means for You and Your Clients
  • New Trends in Group Benefits
  • How to Get More Distance from Your Pension Plan
  • Planning for Disability: A Multi-Advisory Case Study
  • Doing Good: Why Making a Social Impact Matters to Your Next Client
  • Velocity: The Need for Speed to Succeed


Learn more about the speakers who will be delivering these informative and inspiring sessions as we feature them in upcoming editions of Knowledge Bureau Report.

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