Differentiate Yourself as a Real Wealth Manager

With the dramatic increase in online transactions and digital solutions, and the challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic, clients require more frequent professional communications, improved collaboration between their financial professionals and more efficient processes in building wealth with all family stakeholders in a highly complex tax and investment environment. Differentiate yourself as a Real Wealth Manager™ to help with high value professional skills. Consider the following:

Become a Real Wealth Manager™: Enrol in the Designation Program

The most trusted financial advisor is the strategist who leads all the other specialists in the execution of the clients’ strategic financial plan.  You can provide a much-needed service and financial relief to stressed clients by offering a new value proposition and build strong, inter-generational, multi-advisory relationships with a new approach: Real Wealth Management.

This is a 12 module program the outlines a practice management approach to providing a framework for holistic Real Wealth Management services with skills-based case studies to accompany 15 sophisticated software tools that guide decision-making for specific client trigger questions about life, financial and economic events around which the client wishes to make financial decisions. 


The RWM™ (Real Wealth Manager) is the highly trained strategist whose main role is to co-ordinate the decision-making by all the stakeholders (client and professionals) to accumulate, grow, preserve and transition tax efficient family wealth.  Real Wealth Managers provide fully integrated, multi-generational advice by developing one strategic plan and process using three common analysis tools: The Net Worth Statement, the tax return and the financial plan.  They also use a defined process to manage client relationships and solve financial problems and obstacles.

Earnings Ranges

The RWM™ practices in one of the specialized services in the tax, bookkeeping or financial services. The strategic income and capital analysis, and collaborations between family and professional stakeholders is generally billed on an hourly fee basis but may be part of annual review services.

Salary and fee structures for occupations that benefit from achieving the RWM™ credentials vary for:

  • Financial planners
  • Wealth managers
  • Insurance advisors
  • Financial advisors
  • Charity management
  • Tax Accounting
  • Legal services


Free Event! February 3, Meeting of the Minds with the Society of Real Wealth Managers™

Interested in a free opportunity to learn more about the Real Wealth Management team approach? Join the Society of Real Wealth Managers™ for a Meeting of the Minds on February 3.  RSVP now!

Theme: RWM Jeopardy! 

Technical, Ethical, Moral & Legal issues affecting a Real Wealth Management Team approach

Real Wealth Management™ requires the interaction of various financial specialties to interact with a cohesive financial plan, all for the benefit of the client.  Easier said than done!

Join the Society of Real Wealth Managers™ on February 3rd as we test the knowledge and ability to interact and overcome difficulties with other financial professionals in various specialties as our panel tries to overcome the technical, ethical moral and legal issues that can arise when multiple advisors are involved in this Jeopardy style “Meeting of the Minds” session.

Please note: this free event is open to any professional in the tax, bookkeeping and financial services with interest in learning more about the RWM™ methodology. RWM™ Designates who have completed the program are also invited to join the Society of Real Wealth Managers™ and take advantage of the Affinity Program included.

Note: New students who enrol in the RWM™ program receive a free membership for the year included with their $1,495 tuition fee. Click here to learn more and submit your membership application.

Reminder: 2020 members of the Society of RWM™ must renew to continue receiving 2021 program benefits for $195 until January 31 only. These fees will rise after January 31.

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