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The Society of Real Wealth Managers brings together business leaders who work as educators, advocates, and stewards of their clients’ financial resources. They are committed to a multi-stakeholder approach to Real Wealth Management through a collaborative network of designated specialists.

Expand Your Knowledge. Build Your Network. Empower Your Relationships.

Your specialized credentials are the foundation of your career so let them help grow your leadership skills and build your business network. Join the Society of Real Wealth Managers—a multi-disciplinary organization of professionals, including specialists from the fields of tax, bookkeeping and financial services.

Benefits & Opportunities

As a distinguished member of the Society of Real Wealth Managers, you’ll have access to:

Top-flight online education

Member-only events

Online listings

Trademark licensing, and exclusive promotions

Opportunities to purchase member-only practice management tools

Leadership opportunities in peer-to-peer discussions, workshops and conferences

Mentorship opportunities

Writing, teaching and speaking opportunities at events


The Society of Real Wealth Managers is a national network of highly-skilled tax and financial intermediaries who share the common knowledge and skills to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to accumulating, growing, preserving and transitioning sustainable family wealth.

The Society is founded on the principles of best practices, industry specialization, and a commitment to the building of solid multi-stakeholder relationships through education, mentorship, and community service.


The Society provides a collaborative environment for all stakeholders who provide financial services to multi- generational clients. The goal is to create Real Wealth, or financial peace of mind, through a common strategic plan, consistent processes, in-depth technical knowledge, and precise skills.


We aim to network, share knowledge, and enhance the visibility of highly-trained Real Wealth Managers to one another, the public, industry, media and regulatory organizations.

Requirements for Membership

If you’re a RWM™ designate, you’re already a member! Plus MFA™, MFA-P™, DFA-Specialist™ (or top-tier industry credentials; for example: CFA, CLU, CPA, LLB)

Inaugural Event

For members of the Society of Real Wealth Managers™

RSVP by May 17, 2019

WHEN: 4:30-6:00p.m


Winnipeg on May 28:

Manitoba Club

Calgary on May 29:

Marriott Courtyard Airport

Vancouver on May 30:

Sandman City Centre

Toronto on June 4:

Pearson Convention Centre