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Real Wealth Managers™

An International Network of Specialists Who Provide Financial Peace of Mind Through Professional Collaboration

For leaders in client-centric practices empowered to grow through Real Wealth Management™

The Society of Real Wealth Managers™ is an international network of financial professionals who, through professional collaboration, enable financial peace of mind for the ultimate benefit of their individual clients. This is accomplished through the utilization of expertise derived from all disciplines of financial management and advise by providing a comprehensive plan designed to allow their respective clients the benefit of multiple specialists in their field.

While the Society of Real Wealth Managers™ is primarily for collaboration, networking and the exchange of knowledge between financial specialists, the individual clients of each Advisor is ultimately the beneficiary of the Society.

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Expand Your Value Proposition

  • Join the Society of Real Wealth Managers™ - only $195/year (RWM™ Credentials in good standing required)
  • Practice under the RWM™ Framework utilizing your access to the RWM™ Calculators. 15 highly- sophisticated software tools to help you model RWM™ solutions ($795 Value)
  • Connect and Contribute with other like minded RWM™ at the Society of RWM’s virtual Meeting of the Minds - true-to-life RWM™ case studies are discussed using the RWM™ Framework in practice.
  • Get Listed on the Virtual RWM™ Directory – Allow yourself to be found by clients and other financial professionals who are look-ing for processional advice under the RWM™ framework
  • Participate in the RWM™ Member Affinity Program – Promote your professional services to other members for cross collaboration opportunities with other like mined RWMs with complementary skill sets for when your clients need it
  • Receive a 10% Society of RWM™ member discount on all Knowledge Bureau education virtual events

How Do I Get Started?

  • Connect with us on the Linkedin
  • Apply to complete the RWM™ Designation Program. Take a free trial to learn more. As an undergraduate of the RWM™ Designation Program, you will be automatically enrolled in an Introductory Membership to the Society of RWM™.
  • Once you’ve completed the RWM Designation Program complete the Society of RWM™ Member Bio Form to participate in the RWM™ Affinity Program and get listed on the RWM™ Directory.

Society of Real Wealth Managers™
Member Directory

In order to be listed in the directory, please complete the attached member bio form.

Access the RWM™ Calculators

An annual subscription to the RWM™ Calculators is included with your membership. These 15 highly sophisticated software tools are there to help you model RWM™ solutions (a $795 value).

Become a Society of RWM Member for your access to the RWM™ Calculators for FREE!

Upcoming Events

Featuring Society of RWM™ Members

Virtual CE Summit January 20, 2021

Meeting of the Minds February 3, 2021

RWM™ Jeopardy! Technical, Ethical, Moral & Legal issues affecting a Real Wealth Management Team approach.

Real Wealth Management requires the interaction of various financial specialties to interact with a cohesive financial plan, all for the benefit of the client. Easier said than done!

Join us on February 3rd as we test the knowledge and ability to interact and overcome difficulties with other financial professionals in various specialties as our panel tries to overcome the technical, ethical moral and legal issues that can arise when multiple advisors are involved in this Jeopardy style “Meeting of the Minds” session.

​Get your Real Wealth Manager™ Credentials

Advisors who truly want to offer a new value proposition and build strong, inter-generational, multi-advisory relationships throughout personal and financial lifecycles, will want to use a new approach: Real Wealth Management™.

RWM Member-to-Member Affinity Program​

Take advantage of outstanding collaborative and cost-saving opportunities through our Member-to-Member RWM Affinity program. Designed to enhance your membership value, this program encourages members to cross-collaborate in practice under the RWM Framework and offers members the ability to offer RWM Member-to-Member discounts to their clients, enabling them to save money and time by committing to a holistic team who operates under the RWM Framework. Furthermore, the Affinity Program will help you increase your visibility online and promote your business to other like-minded RWM and future potential clients who are looking for Real Wealth Management

What you need to know:

  • Add your business and services to our growing list of participating RWM Members. All RWM Members are eligible to participate in this Member-to-Member RWM Affinity program, and there are no fees to participate (Included in your membership).
  • The RWM Affinity program will be updated on a regular basis, so check back often to see if there are any stakeholders providing special incentives that may best complement your business and help your client’s accomplish their financial gaols.
  • If you are interested in submitting a special offer or changing a current offer, please submit an updated RWM Member Bio.


  • Who is eligible to offer a Member-to-Member RWM Affinity Program? A: Any member of the Society of RWM, in good standing.
  • Who is eligible to receive a Member-to Member Discount? Any active member’s business and their clients are eligible to receive the discounts offered in the program.
  • How much does the discount program cost? Participating in the Member-to-Member Affinity Program is absolutely free! It is a benefit for all of our Society of RWM members.
  • What is the advantage of participating in the Affinity program? Society of RWM Members can gain exposure by advertising their discounted financial services to Society members. The member-to-member Affinity Program offers you an opportunity to build your client base and provides no-cost marketing.
  • What kind of discount should I offer? Many members offer a percentage off services. Examples include: “10% off a specific service” or “special rates for specific services, call business for details”. Discounts are ultimately at the member’s discretion so you must make that decision.
  • How is the RWM Affinity program publicized? The Society will promote its Affinity Program via the web site, email, LinkedIn and/or during live society events. Information is updated regularly.
  • What if I take part in the program, but change my mind? Members can choose to discontinue their participation in the Affinity program at any time. The Society requires a 30-day written notice in order to update promotional material.