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Real Wealth Managers™

An International Network of Specialists Who Provide Financial Peace of Mind Through Professional Collaboration

The Society of Real Wealth Managers™ is an international network of financial professionals who, through professional collaboration, enable financial peace of mind for the ultimate benefit of their individual clients. This is accomplished through the utilization of expertise derived from all disciplines of financial management and advise by providing a comprehensive plan designed to allow their respective clients the benefit of multiple specialists in their field.

While the Society of Real Wealth Managers™ is primarily for collaboration, networking and the exchange of knowledge between financial specialists, the individual clients of each Advisor is ultimately the beneficiary of the Society.

The Society has four primary purposes:

  • The Society. To establish a network of highly-skilled tax and financial intermediaries who follow the RWM™ framework focused on a strategic, multi-disciplinary advisory approach to sustainable family wealth.
  • The Client. To provide an environment of mutual trust and collaboration between stakeholders who are empowered to build strong, multi-generational relationships. Their mutual goal is to create Real Wealth and financial peace of mind.
  • The Individual Advisors. To enhance visibility and promote the work of highly-trained Real Wealth Managers™ (RWM™) who represent the RWM™ framework in various professional and regulatory relationships.
  • The Community. To lobby for regulators, professional organizations and governments to recognize members credentials, and specialized expertise as well as provide feedback on legislation, regulations, or industry requirements as they are introduced in the future.

Society of Real Wealth Managers™
Member Directory

In order to be listed in the directory, please complete the attached member bio form.

The Special Privileges Your Annual Fees Provide:

    • Your listing on the Society of RWM™ pages: Plus, receive your approved RWM™ or RWM™ stakeholder logo for use on your own website and social media promotional materials.
    • An annual subscription to the RWM™ Calculators: 15 highly-sophisticated software tools to calculate RWM™ solutions (a $795 value). This subscription qualifies for 15 non-verifiable credits for your professional development.
    • Get 10% of your RWM™ Designation (If applicable)
    • Educational and networking opportunities with other likeminded RWMs at our virtual Meetings of the Minds.
    • Collaboration and public speaking opportunities at our Meetings of the Mind.
    • Opportunity to contribute to the Real Wealth Management program updates (Example: Case study submissions).

    Join us to connect, contribute and collaborate under the Real Wealth Management™
    Multi-Stakeholder Framework

    RWM Diagram

    Who Can Join?

    • Graduates of any MFA™, MFA-P™, and DFA™ Tax and Bookkeeping Services Specialist Designation Programs
    • Accounting and Bookkeeping Professionals (Such as: CPA, CGA, CMA etc.)
    • Financial Advisors and Planners (Such as, CFP, PFP, RFP, F.Pl….)
    • Estate and Insurance Professionals (Such as: CLU, CHS, MTI…)
    • Portfolio Managers and Analysts (Such as: CFA, CIM, CMT, FCSI…)
    • Family, Estate/Trust, Tax and Corporate Lawyers (Such as: LL.B, J.D…)

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    Upcoming Events

    Featuring Society of RWM™ Members

    Virtual Distinguished Advisor Conference
    October 28-30, 2020

    Society of RWM™ Session TAKING THE FINANCIAL REINS: It’s Back to Financial Basics

    Christine Logan, Jackie Porter, Kristin Ramlal and Chris Valentine

    Join our esteemed panel as they take it back to the basics to help you and your female client overcome barriers to embrace confident and successful investing in a volatile marketplace. You will be surprised that there are really only two really important obstacles and why you may be missing out on engaging your ideal client.

    Virtual CE Summit
    November 18, 2020


    Meeting of the Minds
    February 3, 2020

    Ethical Case Study Discussion

    ​Get your Real Wealth Manager™ Credentials

    Advisors who truly want to offer a new value proposition and build strong, inter-generational, multi-advisory relationships throughout personal and financial lifecycles, will want to use a new approach: Real Wealth Management™.