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Join the Society of
Real Wealth Managers™

A Network of Specialists Who Provide Financial Peace of Mind Through Professional Collaboration

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August 27:

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM EST

Theme: Preparing for Wealth Taxes

This free event is of special interest to advisors in the tax, accounting, bookkeeping, legal and financial services.

Join a virtual, national conversation to
discuss key issues of concern in overcoming financial obstacles using a
Real Wealth Management™ Framework.

The Society has four primary purposes:

  • The Society. To establish a network of highly-skilled tax and financial intermediaries who follow the RWM™ framework focused on a strategic, multi-disciplinary advisory approach to sustainable family wealth.
  • The Client. To provide an environment of mutual trust and collaboration between stakeholders who are empowered to build strong, multi-generational relationships. Their mutual goal is to create Real Wealth and financial peace of mind.
  • The Individual Advisors. To enhance visibility and promote the work of highly-trained Real Wealth Managers™ (RWM™) who represent the RWM™ framework in various professional and regulatory relationships.
  • The Community. To lobby for regulators, professional organizations and governments to recognize members credentials, and specialized expertise as well as provide feedback on legislation, regulations, or industry requirements as they are introduced in the future.

RWM Diagram

The Special Privileges Your Annual Fees Provide:

    • Your listing on the Society of RWM™ pages: Plus, receive your approved RWM™ or RWM™ stakeholder logo for use on your own website and social media promotional materials.
    • An annual subscription to the RWM™ Calculators: 15 highly-sophisticated software tools to calculate RWM™ solutions (a $795 value). This subscription qualifies for 15 non-verifiable credits for your professional development.
    • Get your RWM™ Designation at special tuition rates (receive an additional 10% off)
    • Requirements for membership: Graduates of any Knowledge Bureau Designation program and other approved professional designations are eligible. Membership may also be approved based on contribution to the program by submitting a case study.

      Who Can Join?

      • Graduates of the RWM™ - Real Wealth Management™ Designation Program
      • Undergraduates of the RWM™ Designation Program (already enrolled)
      • Aspiring graduates of the RWM™ Designation Program
      • Graduates of any MFA™, MFA-P™, and DFA™ Tax and Bookkeeping Services Specialist Designation Programs
      • Financial Professionals with other credentials (such as: CFP, CPA, CFA, CIM etc)

      Interested in getting your RWM™ Designation?

      The course entails the completion of 12 online modules and features a case study approach using 15 sophisticated software tools to enable deeper conversations and projections that answer specific financial
      trigger questions.

      Of special interest to tax and financial advisors, retirement, investment, insurance and estate planners, but also perfect for any individual wishing to take control of the wealth they accumulate
      throughout their lifetime.

      You’ll complete 12 comprehensive modules in this important professional program.

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