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Real Wealth Managers™

A National Network of Financial Specialists Who Enable Peace of Mind Through Professional Collaboration

• Build Your Networks • Help New Clients Find You •
• Expand Your Knowledge •

A multi-stakeholder approach to strategic wealth management.

The Society of Real Wealth Managers™ is a national network of highly-trained professionals from the tax, bookkeeping, and financial services who are subject matter specialists that share common knowledge, tools, and best practices. By joining you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Build your networks - Connect with other Real Wealth Managers™ across the nation to share knowledge, ideas and perspectives.
  • Help your clients find you - You’ll be featured on the Society of Real Wealth Managemer™ pages, with your profile prominently displayed and shared through social media and other promotional materials.
  • Expand your knowledge base using the RWM Calculators™. You’ll develop, discuss and share relevant true-to-life case studies using a multi-stakeholder approach to professional solutions for all the stakeholders to a Real Wealth Management™ plan.

Benefits & Opportunities

  • Pandemic Emergency Referral Program. Your listing on the Society of RWM™ pages includes a new way to share business connections, referrals and new ideas in this difficult time. Let’s encourage nation-wide connections now. Sign up to our Pandemic Emergency Referral Program now, at no charge.

  • Join the Society of RWM™ and Receive Your RWM™ Badge: Receive your approved RWM™ stakeholder badge for use on your own website and social media promotional materials so that people can find you for help with multi-stakeholder planning. This is especially important as families grapple with the financial fallout of the pandemic, including new tax, retirement and estate planning needs.

  • An annual subscription to the RWM™ Calculators: 15 highly-sophisticated software tools to calculate RWM™ solutions (a $795 value).

  • Get your RWM™ Designation: It’s a good time to improve credentials and to earn the RWMdesignation. Save 10% off tuition fees.

  • An opportunity to enter as a special privilege stakeholder: Graduates of any Knowledge Bureau Designation program and other approved professional designations are eligible to sign up as an undergraduate. Without an RWM™ Designation, an open-book Challenge Exam on the Real Wealth Management™ strategy and process must be passed. This will be available in early April

The Society has four primary focuses:

  • The Society. To establish a network of highly-skilled tax and financial intermediaries who follow the RWM™ framework focused on a strategic, multi-disciplinary advisory approach to sustainable family wealth.
  • The Client. To provide an environment of mutual trust and collaboration between stakeholders who are empowered to build strong, multi-generational relationships. Their mutual goal is to create Real Wealth and financial peace of mind.
  • The Individual Advisors. To enhance visibility and promote the work of highly-trained Real Wealth Managers™ (RWM™) who represent the RWM™ framework in various professional and regulatory relationships.
  • The Community. To lobby for regulators, professional organizations and governments to recognize members credentials, and specialized expertise as well as provide feedback on legislation, regulations, or industry requirements as they are introduced in the future.

Requirements for Membership

If you’re a RWM™ designate, you may already be a member! Membership requires not only successful completion of the RWM™ Designation program but also one for the following designations or industry equivalent.

MFA™, MFA-P™, DFA-Specialist™ (or top-tier industry credentials; for example: CFA, CLU, CPA, LLB).

Those without an RWM™ designation are required to take the RWM™ Challenge Exam.