Pandemic Downtime? Shed Some Light on Your Knowledge Gaps

New from Knowledge Bureau: it’s time to shed some light on your knowledge gaps! With short courses & client education tools especially designed for busy tax, bookkeeping and financial professionals. The first three modules are now available, and if you enrol today to deepen your knowledge, you’ll receive CE courses for you, presentation for your clients, client-handouts and more. Plus, you can take advantage of an exclusive introductory offer.

Now available:

People and Finance

Women and Finance - While women have traditionally faced several obstacles in accumulating wealth, they are now poised to directly control over one third of the assets in the Canadian economy in the next decade. Advisors who understand emerging financial needs and objectives for women – from millennials to boomers and older –can provide high value advice to a new demographic of wealth holders. Women control over $2 trillion in personal financial assets today, but that is expected to increase by 70% by 2028. Women will need help from advisors in managing and investing as new High Net Worth Individuals. In this course you will learn about eight specific issues women face, and potential solutions you can discuss in order to have more valuable discussions in the decision-making process.

Financial Events

Tax, Retirement and Estate Planning - The key obstacle to peace of mind and security in retirement is the worry clients have when they consider “Will I have enough?” Tax, retirement and estate planning are closely linked, and if they are well coordinated from a young age, will ensure financial peace of mind for most people. However, even those who start later to focus on retirement income and their legacy – what they will leave behind for others – can benefit from the knowledge, experience and coaching offered by their financial advisors. In this course you will learn about the process of tax-efficient retirement income planning.

Introductory Offer:

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Regular tuition is $495 per module.

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