Certificate Course: Filing Proprietorship Returns

​This course is for you if

You are a professional looking to refresh with current tax knowledge
You are training staff


The third course in the DMA™-Personal Tax Services Specialist Designation.

Whether this is your client’s first year of filing their taxes as a business or they are an old hand, there are many different scenarios to consider giving your client the best service for filing their proprietorship returns.

This course is designed to teach professional advisors tax preparation for proprietorships, using CRA’s prescribed forms-Statement of Business or Professional Activities, Capital Cost Allowance statements, worksheets for reporting home office, automobiles, other assets, inventory control, and cost of goods sold.

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Next enrolment deadline: Sept 15, 2023

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Designation Program: $3,990
($665 x 6 certificates courses)

Regular Tuition: $895

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​What you will learn

You will learn how to complete an income statement for the self-employed, partnerships, farmers, fishermen, and professionals, using the most recent tax laws, and budget proposals so that taxpayers arrange affairs within the framework of the law to pay the least taxes possible.

This course includes a tremendous amount of useful information for tax preparers and bookkeepers who wish to gain a better understanding of what they are doing and become more accurate. My objective was to learn how to prepare tax returns for small proprietorships, in order to expand my practice. In addition, I do bookkeeping for small businesses and was keen on gaining a better understanding of tax requirements, so that I could be a better bookkeeper. I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and feel a lot more confident about the services I am offering to my clients.

—Sylvie G., YT

​Scope of the course

  • Taxation of Income from a Proprietorship
  • Reporting Requirements: GST/HST
  • Claiming Business Expenses
  • Transactions Involving Business Assets
  • Home-based Businesses
  • Hiring Human Resources
  • Inventory-Based Businesses
  • Disposing of and Replacing a Business
  • Farming and Fishing Enterprises
  • Professionals and Partnerships

​What is included

  • Tax deductible tuition fees
  • Potential for Canada Training Grant or other Government programs
  • Personal consultation and virtual campus orientation
  • Practical case studies using well-known professional software
  • Lesson plans and study plans
  • Calculators and tools you can use immediately
  • Personal instructor support by email
  • Testing and certification
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Journal
  • CE/CPD accreditation by various professional bodies
  • EverGreen Explanatory Notes - Online Research Library

I am proud to say that I have achieved the Designation, and most of my staff are well on their way to either a diploma or a designation.

-Wayne Blackmere, ON

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