Certificate Course: Filing T3 Returns

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You are a professional looking to refresh with current tax knowledge
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The fourth course in the DMA™-Personal Tax Services Specialist Designation.

This course introduces the types of trust that may be created in Canada and how each of them is taxed. You will learn how to prepare T3 returns as part of the case study exercises in the course. Case studies include the filing of trust returns, slips, and slip summaries for trusts.

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Designation Program: $3,990
($665 x 6 certificates courses)

Regular Tuition: $895

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​What you will learn

You will learn how to optimize taxes payable on income earned by a trust by choosing to pay the taxes through the trust or allocating income to beneficiaries and having them pay the taxes on those allocations.

An open book approach is great for learning. It helped me to go back and review the materials over again so that I could get the right answers on the quiz but it also provided a good understanding of all the material. I think this course has been very helpful and will enable me to start my first year of T1s with my company in a much more effective way.

—Bryce W, Alberta

Scope of the course

  • Introduction to Trusts
  • The T3 Return
  • Identification
  • Income of the Trust
  • Deductions
  • Dealing with Losses
  • Allocation of Trust Income
  • Calculation of Tax and Credits
  • Filing
  • Special Trusts

​What is included

  • Tax deductible tuition fees
  • Potential for Canada Training Grant or other Government programs
  • Personal consultation and virtual campus orientation
  • Practical case studies using well-known professional software
  • Lesson plans and study plans
  • Calculators and tools you can use immediately
  • Personal instructor support by email
  • Testing and certification
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Journal
  • CE/CPD accreditation by various professional bodies
  • EverGreen Explanatory Notes - Online Research Library

Everything so far has had value to it. These studies have added to my knowledge and skills and I have put this knowledge to use immediately for our clients or I gained new skills which has given me the opportunity to expand our services.

- William Samplonius, ON

DMA™ Personal Tax Services Specialist

Filing Returns at Death

CE Summits: Audit Defence: Sept 20, 2023