Last updated: April 24 2019

Graduates in the News - Chris Bockstael - MFA™ - Retirement and Succession Services Specialist

Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Chris Bockstael, of OneLife Wealth Management Inc, graduated with an MFA™ – Retirement and Succession Services Specialist designation, based on recommendations from colleagues who indicated that Knowledge Bureau courses were particularly pertinent to financial planning.

When asked about his experience pursuing his designation with Knowledge Bureau, he said: “The Knowledge Bureau courses that I took were the most relatable to every-day planning that I’ve come across. If someone is looking for applicable knowledge for tax and retirement planning, Knowledge Bureau is by far the best option.”

Chris shared further insight about the process of pursuing his education at Knowledge Bureau, by answering the following questions:

Did anything surprise you in the courses? “Again, I was impressed and surprised by how immediate the knowledge I gathered could be used day-to-day.”

Were you happy with the outcome? “Very pleased with the outcome. I’m further ahead now because I took the courses.”

What did you find difficult? “ I found the trust course more difficult simply because I had little experience in that field.”

What are your future goals? “My goals are to provide high-end planning for professionals and business owners. To be intuitive and industry leading, always ahead of the curve relative to financial planning.”

What is the glimpse of wisdom you can share with our readers? “It’s worth the time and money. If you are trying to become a true comprehensive financial planner, this is a great resource.”

Additional educational resources:

Free trials of Knowledge Bureau courses are available, including those that are part of the MFA™ - Retirement and Succession Services Specialist program.

 If you work with business clients as a bookkeeper or offer tax preparation services, we also recommend attending a Knowledge Bureau CE Summit for valuable information on Post Budget Action Strategies (Spring), Year-End Planning (Fall), and Advanced 2020 Personal Tax Update (Winter).





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