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Integrating Gift Planning


MFA-P™ - Philanthropy


Obtain a deep, broad knowledge of how to apply gift planning vehicles to the objectives of various client profiles. Learn how to stay onside with ethical and legal considerations in doing so. Using true-to-life case studies, the student will learn to anticipate how to help clients maximize their gifts and make impactful gifts while minimizing the costs of giving.

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Course Content

Case Study 1 | Multi-Stakeholder Planning
Case Study 2 | Working with Vulnerable Clients
Case Study 3 | Guaranteed 10 Pay Insurance Gift
Case Study 4 | Legacy Planning for Business Owners
Case Study 5 | Donation of Existing Life Insurance Policy
Case Study 6 | Using FTS to Lower the After-Tax Cost of Charitable Donations
Case Study 7 | Using Insurance to Make a Major Gift Today
Case Study 8 | Using the CPP for Philanthropy
(Featuring the CPP Philanthropy™ strategy, trademarked and owned by WEALTHinsurance.com)


In planning with various client profiles – singles, families, survivors, business owners, and vulnerable clients, the student will focus on three consistencies. These are: Know Your Client, Know Your Charity and Know Your Investments to achieve client-centric goals in strategic giving. A particular focus will be the business owner profile.

What You'll Learn

You will learn how to integrate timing of inter vivos gifts with age and health while managing one- to two-person life/bequest plans. Then, you'll consider how to invest to plan with securities, insurance, registered products, property in-kind, remainder trusts, and DAF (Donor Advised Funds), all with the last step in the managed process—Measure Your Impact.

What’s Included

• Personal course selection consultation
• Virtual campus orientation
• Lesson and study plans
• Personal instructor email support
• Comprehensive Knowledge Journal
• EverGreen Online Research Library
• Knowledge Bureau calculators
• Testing and certification
• CE/CPD accreditation

Marking Guide

Chapter Review Exercises
Case Studies
Final Exam
Passing Grade
Honours Achievement

All students who pass the course will receive a certificate. Students who receive a mark of 90% or better will receive a gold honours bar on their certificates.

CE | CPD Credits

Knowledge Bureau | 30 CPE credits

Most regulators and associations accept Knowledge Bureau certificate courses for continuing education credits.


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