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Knowledge Bureau’s extensive list of continuing education courses are designed to help you expand your skill set to better serve the needs of your clients. Registering for a course is also a commitment to better educate yourself about leading-edge trends and strategies in tax and finances. Those looking for CE credits and certification have come to the right place!

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      RWM™ - Real Wealth Manager

      Practice Management Program

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      RWM™ - Real Wealth Manager Designation Program

      People who work in today’s tax and financial services industries operate in a highly regulated, yet rapidly changing environment. What is essential is a coordinated approach to wealth management that systematizes financial, legal and tax advisory services.

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      DMA™ - Personal Tax Services Specialist

      Personal Income Tax Courses for Individuals and Businesses

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      Professional Income Tax Course - Entry Level

      Perfect for individuals who want to achieve the credentials needed to file income tax returns professionally out of their home or office. It is also suitable for those who wish to start a new career with a tax preparation, accounting or financial services firms. Growing tax accounting offices will find this to be the right course to train new employees as knowledgeable tax preparers or front desk staff. Graduates are thoroughly trained on the latest personal income tax changes using professional tax software in a case study approach. Research skills are honed as well, in the comprehensive online research library known as EverGreen Explanatory Notes. The sophisticated tax estimator tools from Knowledge Bureau provide plenty of opportunity to try “what if” scenarios prior to software updates for the next tax year.

      TAKE YOUR NEXT STEP: After you complete this course, check out Personal Income Tax Course - Advanced Level.

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      Professional Income Tax Course - Advanced Level

      Fully updated to the latest budget, as well as new income types for 2020/2021 including CERB, CESB, and CRB. This comprehensive course delves deeply into the deductions, tax credits, and tax calculations on the personal tax return, with an emphasis on capital gains and losses, and registered and non-registered investment income sources. It overviews common and advanced client profiles, while sending students to the dynamic commentary in EverGreen Explanatory Notes.

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      Investment Tax Strategies

      This course covers a strategic and tax-efficient investment income planning process which places capital accumulations in the right hands of individuals in the family. The objective is to save capital and earn investment income with tax-efficiency and then to average down the tax paid on both by arranging to share with family members within the tax rules allowed. As important: planning to avoid tax erosion of the capital at transition times.

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      Filing Proprietorship Returns

      This course is designed to teach professional advisors tax preparation for proprietorships, using CRA's prescribed forms—Statement of Business or Professional Activities, Capital Cost Allowance statements, worksheets for reporting home office, automobiles, other assets, inventory control, and cost of goods sold.

      Students may use their own tax preparation software to complete the course. For those without tax preparation software, student versions of Intuit’s ProFile Software Suite, DR Tax’s DT Max, and TaxCycle Suite are provided with the course.

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      Filing Final Returns at Death

      This course deals comprehensively with the taxation of individuals at death. The student will gain a thorough understanding of how income, as well as capital accumulations, are taxed when the taxpayer dies as well as strategies to minimize those taxes.

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      Filing T3 Returns

      This course introduces the types of trust that may be created in Canada and how each of them is taxed. You will learn how to prepare T3 returns as part of the case study exercises in the course. Case studies include the filing of trust returns, slips, and slip summaries for trusts.

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      DMA™ - Accounting Services Specialist

      Advanced Bookkeeping and Accounting Courses

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      Basic Bookkeeping in a Digital World

      This introductory course is ideal for professionals in the bookkeeping tax and financial services who wish to train their own administrative staff to prepare company books, or train staff to prepare books for others. It is an excellent course for bookkeepers who may know how to operate the software, but have not taken a theoretical accounting course.

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      Accounting for Multiple Business Profiles

      You will study advanced bookkeeping for a variety of business profiles, using the features of SAGE 50 and Intuit Quickbooks Desktop.

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      Advanced Payroll for Small Business

      An incorrect approach to the technical side of payroll poses a risk to both employers and their employees: it can cost them money, cause them to incur penalties with the Canada Revenue Agency or worse face legal ramifications. Advanced Payroll will help you become a more astute compliance manager that prepares accurate payroll, who understands the necessary requirements of an employer, federally and provincially, and who can meet the demands of an evolving digital workforce.

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      Managing Tax Audit Risk for Small Business

      This online certificate course helps position small business owners for potential tax audits in 2021- 2023 with a concise pathway to navigate the complex rules and comprehensive documentation they will need to satisfy queries from clients and manage risk with the CRA.

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      Budgeting and Forecasting for Small Business

      This course in the Bookkeeping Services Specialist designation program is ideal for bookkeeping, tax, and financial service professionals to gain the skills needed to assist or direct the budgeting process. The course contains references to IFRS and ASPE as well as an updated QuickBooks example.

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      Accounting for Business Growth and Transition

      This course addresses a range of areas that might be encountered during the evolution and growth of a company. Topics include organizational structures, consolidated financial statements, foreign exchange, due diligence requirements, and approaches for structuring a business transition. In addition, you will gain an understanding of how to take a leadership role in creating a value-centred department that could help to support the growth and development initiatives that occur over the lifecycle of a business.

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      DMA™ - Corporate Tax Services Specialist

      Corporate Tax and Bookkeeping Courses

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      Corporate Tax Filing Fundamentals

      This course serves as an introduction to the preparation of a corporate income tax return for a small business operating under a corporate structure as a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC). The case studies included in this course include the preparation of corporate tax returns for the current year. This course contains all known changes that will apply to future years.

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      Tax Planning for Corporate Owner-Managers

      This course has been designed to teach you how to advise private business owners and managers about the best ways to manage his or her compensation to maximize the amount of after-tax income available. You will gain a solid understanding of the options available when constructing compensation packages. These options include salary-dividend-bonus mixes that maximize tax efficiencies for the owner and each family member. As well you'll learn about constraints imposed by income tax and other laws so you can provide sound advice to the employer or client on compensation planning all year long.

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      Incorporated Professionals

      This course focuses on personal and corporate tax planning for small to medium-sized businesses, owned and operated by professionals, with a special focus on financial advisors and medical practitioners. Retirement and succession planning is also an integral part of the course.

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      Canada - U.S. Cross Border Taxation

      This course focuses on emerging issues as baby boomers age, technology makes it possible for people and businesses to operate globally, and economic changes make it appealing for people and businesses to purchase investment property globally. As well as the increase in the sharing of financial information between countries, cross border taxation issues become key for cross border employment, entrepreneurship or asset ownership, as does the issue of residency and U.S. citizenship.

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      Understanding Business Valuation

      The objective of this course is to provide an overview of the fundamentals of business valuation, enabling advisors to understand the key concepts in this important area and assist clients in facing various types of business transactions, including mergers, transfer of an ownership position, sale of a business, or raising capital.

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      Year End Tax Planning for Corporate-Owner Managers

      This course has been designed to teach you how to advise private business owners and managers about the best ways to manage his or her compensation to maximize the amount of after-tax income available. You will gain a solid understanding of the options available when constructing compensation packages. These options include salary-dividend-bonus mixes that maximize tax efficiencies for the owner and each family member. As well you'll learn about constraints imposed by income tax and other laws so you can provide sound advice to the employer or client on compensation planning all year long.

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      DMA™ - Retirement Income Services Specialist

      Retirement Planning and Pension Income Courses

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      Tax Efficient Retirement Income Planning

      This course allows advisors to develop a consistent process for multi-generational planning that looks at tax efficiency of both income and capital left for partners and beneficiaries.

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      Advising Family Businesses

      Many small businesses in Canada are owned and operated by individuals who are at or near retirement age and qualified advisors have an opportunity to assist them in planning and implementing succession plans. This course will teach you to create strategies that can help clients and their companies’ function smoothly.

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      Introduction to Trusts

      Trusts are used on an ever-increasing basis to plan for the wealth and succession objectives of medium and high-worth clients. The advisor with the ability to assist with that process creates the opportunity to establish a long-term, potentially intergenerational connection with a client and their family; provided their strategy considers recent tax changes in the planning process.

      The Introduction to Trusts course offered by Knowledge Bureau covers everything from basic trust mechanics to essential details on trusts for disabled beneficiaries

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      Succession Planning for Owner-Managers

      This course will help advisors become valuable resources to their clients in the succession planning process. Key concepts include understanding the importance of succession planning for the business and key positions within the business. It focuses on roles and financial issues, from both the perspectives of a business leader and successor. It also addresses the impact of succession on employees and the business as a whole, and succession of the business to third parties.

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      Personal Pension Planning

      In light of the new tax rules that penalize passive investments within CCPCs, advisors must understand how pension legislation can become a power tool to deal with wealth succession, business succession and tax optimization within a corporate environment.

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      Behavioural Finance in Risk Management

      This course reviews the measurement and calculation of risk and return from the perspective of clients who are now living longer lives. Largely due to advances in preventing heart disease, more awareness, and healthy lifestyles, Canadians who reach age 65 are more likely than ever to live into their 90s. As a result, retirement income planning is a much longer process in which a focus on continued accumulation and investing is as important as the tax-efficient withdrawal of funds. Capital must be preserved at the same time.

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      DMA™ - Small Business Management Specialist

      Business Growth and Development Courses

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      Leading Teams

      Business leadership is challenging for most skilled entrepreneurs as their companies move through growth development phases. Leading people and organizations is not pure science and requires continuous development and change. Adopting and applying some of these core concepts can help ensure that you lead your organization effectively through its growth phases.

      Effective leadership requires an investment in yourself as well as your people — to have all stakeholders focused on the vision and goals of the organization within the business model that you have created. The ability to build a business that is not only successful in the short term, but one that is sustainable and continues to build equity for the future is what separates successful business leaders from the rest.

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      Building Business Plans

      Business leaders tend to become so immersed in working within their companies that they do not take the time to plan effectively. This situation can be problematic for many reasons, including a lack of organization, focus, and financial success. Since external parties, such as financial partners and investors, have specific expectations concerning business planning, it can often be challenging to support growth plans and transactions without the right preparation in place.

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      Scaling Small Business Operations

      Planning for sustainable growth requires a framework for operations around which client relationships can be built and retained. This course teaches how to structure the core operational areas required to successfully build and manage a company, including finance, administration, sales, marketing and staffing, as well as strategies to grow a market-driven business that someone will eventually buy.

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      Marketing New Virtual Businesses

      Go from a start-up to flourishing enterprise by establishing ten key principles of marketing, a process for developing a communications and marketing plan, and tips on branding to establish your unique value proposition.

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      Privacy Principles in Business

      In your respective businesses, you are holding a lot of personal information to conduct your transactions. With the advent of technology, there are innovative uses of personal information. Knowledge of risks associated with holding and using the personal information and ways in which you can manage this is very important for your business. Additionally, hosting information in cloud-based environment exposes businesses to cyber risk. Your reputation and credibility will be diminished in the event of a breach of personal information and you will likely suffer regulatory penalties.

      This course will introduce you to your obligations towards management of personal information in your possession. This includes identifying what is personal information and sensitive personal information, best practices in relation management of collection, use, storage, retention, and destruction of personal information so as to build credibility and reputation in your business.

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      Understanding Employment and Business Contracts

      This course offers provides a basic understanding of the legal framework that businesses generally operate under. It provides students with the ability to recognize and identify potential legal traps. The course also provides practical tips that allow for the review and understanding of basic contract language and provisions.

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