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February Poll

At a time when 48% of Canadians say they are $200 away from insolvency, do you think reducing tax refunds (last year’s average was $1740 or $145/month) would help?
Yes: 35 votes
No: 101 votes

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Surrey Man Jailed for Tax Fraud

How would you help the victims of this tax crime? 

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Grow Wealth Using Eight Important Steps

Allowing too much erosion up front (before investing and along the way reduces the opportunity to accumulate, grow, preserve, and transition wealth and cripples the power of compounding.

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Tax Strategies for Financial Advisors: Excerpt

As a new FPSC-approved program, here is an excerpt from Tax Strategies for Financial Advisors.

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Tax-Free Benefits: Non-Cash Gifts Under $500

A gift (either in cash or in kind) from your employer is an employment benefit. However, non-cash gifts and non-cash awards to an employee for the year with a total aggregate value less than $500 is non-taxable. The total value in excess of $500 annually will be taxable.

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Digital Divide Highlights Canada’s Growing Population

Canada is growing! We are now  35,056,064 strong, but there is a digital divide between young and old! 

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