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In your opinion, have governments effectively interpreted the financial effect of the pandemic on small businesses across Canada?
No: 1241 votes
Yes: 45 votes

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Why Tax Pros Are Worth Their Salt

Alan Rowell, MFA, DFA-Tax Services Specialist, shines a light on a new communications issue at would you advise a client with this problem?

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Disability Awareness: Non-Refundable Tax Credits

Our Disability Awareness series concludes this week with a look at non-refundable tax credits that can be claimed on the tax return. These articles are excerpted from Jacks on Tax, by Evelyn Jacks.

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Financial Educator: Eligibility for Claiming Disability Supports

The disabled who incur expenses of an attendant or other disability supports purchased in order to earn employment or self-employment income or to pursue education, can claim the costs of Disability Supports on Line 215 so long as the expenses were not reimbursed.

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Manage Quarterly Instalments for 2013

Avoid owing more than $2,999 at your balance due date. Here's why...

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Critical Illness: MFA and DFA-Specialists Can Help

Do you know of someone dealing with the devastation of critical illness? There is much we can do from a tax efficiency point of view to help and guide families. 

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