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Should Canada have a minimum Basic Income in place for all Canadians?
Yes: 167 votes
No: 215 votes

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Who is Eligible for the Old Age Security Pension?

According to Services Canada, this depends on your age and your years of residence in Canada.

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Re-Accumulation: Thinking It Through

Don's incredulous. He’s a do-it-yourself investor and he has had a bad several years. His half a million dollar RRSP portfolio is now worth $250,000. He wants to know: What does it take to recover and re-accumulate $250,000 over the next ten years—the time Don has left until retirement?

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Don’t Forget the Tax Implications When Investing in a Rental Property

The acquisition of a revenue property is often a good way to increase net worth. If you are planning to take on a rental property, be sure to keep the tax implications in mind. Rental properties are often audited. 

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Loonie Drops to 95 Cents…Wealth Advisors Needed

How will the continued weakening of the Canadian Dollar affect personal and family net worth? It’s an important question, especially for families who have recently purchased US property and are forced to pay soft costs with a diminishing currency.  Planning is required.

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August 2, 2013 – Extended Deadline for Alberta Flood Victims

CRA will proactively adjust the due date for all federal business and other returns filed in Alberta that were due during the flooding. A federal business return filed by August 2, 2013, will be considered as filed on time.

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