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April Poll

Do you like the federal government’s tax filing and balance due extensions to June 1 and August 31 respectively?
Yes: 158 votes
No: 47 votes

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Mind Your Fs and Ps

Federal tax returns are required to be filed by all Canadians who have a balance due or file to recover overpaid taxes or refundable tax credits. Provincial taxes for the whole year are based on your province of residence on December 31.

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A right once waived is gone

A taxpayer’s failure to have its waiver of appeal set aside reaffirms that validly negotiated settlements between taxpayers and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) are not to be questioned by the courts.

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Does everyone have the same tax filing due date?

No, in fact, the Tax Filing Due Date can vary.

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File by April 30

Even though proprietors and their spouses have until June 15 to file their returns before late filing penalties kick in, it makes sense to file by midnight April 30 with all other taxfilers to avoid interest charges if you have a balance due.

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How the “hallmarks” apply to proposed anti-avoidance rules

Proposed changes to the Income Tax Act will oblige taxpayers to report “avoidance transactions” if the transactions include two of three existing “hallmarks.”

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