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Understanding Synthetic Dispositions – Holding Period Rules

We conclude our Synthetic Dispositions series this week with a look at holding period rules.

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Disability Awareness: Other Income Sources

In our Disability Awareness series we have discussed income sources such as CPP Disability Pension, and EI. We continue that discussion with the tax consequences of other income sources that are available to those who have suffered a disability.

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NEWS RELEASE: International Tax Non-Compliance the Leading Topic of the G-8 Summit in Ireland

Leaders of the G-8 countries, including Canada’s Stephen Harper, met in Ireland on Monday June 17th to discuss, among other things, “tax havens”.

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Disability Awareness: EI Benefits for Disabled People

Advisors should be aware of and discussing income replacement opportunities with their client families if disability has entered into the picture.

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RDSP Income

If you have a Registered Disability Saving Plan and are receiving disability assistance payments from the plan, a portion of these payments will be shown in Box 131 of a T4A slip.

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