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Taxing retroactively is legal

Imposing taxes retroactively seems contrary to a rational, moral approach to taxation, but it is legal.

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Taxpayer relief for 2002

Taxpayers and all tax registrants have until Dec. 31, 2012 to file requests under the taxpayer relief provisions for the 2002 tax year and any reporting period that ended during the 2002 calendar year.

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“Break fees” taxable as income

If a company receives a “break fee” in a failed takeover attempt, that fee is income for tax purposes, not a capital gain or a non-taxable “windfall.”

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Competency-based hiring

If you are hiring, it is important that you hire the “right” person for the job and “competency models” can help you do that.

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Deadline in Ontario for retail sales tax rebates and refunds

If you qualify for a rebate or refund under Ontario’s Retail Sales Tax (RST) the deadline for applications is fast approaching.

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