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April 2024 Poll

Did you agree with the government’s last minute abort of the bare trust filing requirements on March 28, just one business day before the April 2 deadline?
Yes: 51 votes
No: 29 votes

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DAC Agenda Released: 18 Distinguished Speakers Take On Cutting Edge Topics

Winnipeg, MB - Top tax and wealth advisors from across Canada will travel to Puerto Vallarta later this fall to participate in a strategic think tank on the challenge of building multi-generational relationships in a global environment in which digital communications both enhance opportunities and  present new risks.

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Brief Clients About CRA Fraud And E-Mail Scams

It’s a warm summer day. You’re relaxing in the yard and wondering what could possibly make this day better. And then, out of the blue, you receive an e-mail from Canada Revenue Agency stating that they’ve discovered they owe you money!  Could this be true?  Or, do you need to wake up and smell the coffee . . . .?  There are two scams in particular to brief your clients about:  Refund and Collection Scams.

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Underground Economy:  Teaching to the Perils Part of a Professional’s Role

The Underground Economy (UE) is a significant global problem that causes economic erosion for all participants in the financial eco-system. However, it also presents an opportunity for professional tax and financial advisors to rise to the occasion in educating their clients on the issue.

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Working The Room Works. . .And It Takes More Than Just A Firm Handshake

Look for Catherine Bell under the big sombrero. The featured guest speaker at this year’s Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC)  and author of the bestselling book, Empower Your Presence, is an expert on workplace protocol, etiquette, and professional image management, who understands the complexities of doing business in today’s competitive marketplace.

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Academic Calendar For Tax And Financial Advisors

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Don’t know? Well, Knowledge Bureau has set dates for our fall and winter workshops as well as summer and fall online training dates.

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