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December 2022 Poll

Do you believe the new anti-flipping tax will reduce personal net worth in Canada in 2023?
Yes: 6 votes
No: 16 votes

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Solution for Late T4 Slips

If you receive a T4 slip you forgot about after you have filed your tax return, don’t file another return. Just send in a copy of the slip with a T1 Adjustment Request from (T1ADJ).

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Cross Border Workers: Travelling Lite has Tax Benefits in Court

In a recent case the ‘Tie Breaker’ rules were used to determine the tax status of a group of American business people working in Canada in Dysert v. The Queen (2013) TCC 57. 

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Couples Who Borrow to Invest Need to Mind Tax Guidelines

Here’s a common issue encountered by tax and financial advisors. The client is Mr. X who has borrowed money to invest and wants to write off the interest. Can the investments be held jointly with his wife, Mrs. X for estate and tax planning purposes? What are the pitfalls to consider?

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What is the New Family Caregiver Amount?

A new tax credit found on Schedule 1 and 5 of the federal tax return bumps up your existing non-refundable credits by $2000 when you care for an infirm person. 

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Avoid These Common Tax Filing Mistakes

Canadians love tax refunds, but hate rounding up the paperwork to do the return. That’s where common tax filing errors really begin.

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