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April 2024 Poll

Did you agree with the government’s last minute abort of the bare trust filing requirements on March 28, just one business day before the April 2 deadline?
Yes: 51 votes
No: 29 votes

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Half $Million Penalty Comes with Vast Implications for Tax Advisors

A recent decision of the Supreme Court of Canada was extremely costly for the appellant and has vast implications for tax preparers and tax advisors across Canada.

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How to Be in the Top 10% of Income Earners: Go Back to School

The statistics are overwhelmingly in favor of the higher educated when it comes to making the top 10% of income in Canada.

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Tax Break for Artistic Children

A federal tax credit is possible when children under the age of 16 participate in artistic, cultural, recreational or developmental activities. Even tutoring in academic subjects qualifies under this provision.

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Investments in Limited Partnerships by Registered Charities

Tax changes in the 2015 Federal Budget may bring real value and a level playing field for investments under the stewardship of a charity, making it easier for the good work they do to have a more immediate impact on pressing social and economic needs in Canada.

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Creative Planning To Bridge Generations: Tim Cestnick Speaks at DAC

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – When capital moves from one generation to the next, there are both risks and opportunities.Tax and wealth management expert Tim Cestnick explores this in his session, Bridging Generations with Creative Planning.

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