Advisors, Make a Difference with Impact Investing

86 percent of Millennials* have an interest in socially responsible investing, and the majority say they would be twice as interested in investing in a stock or fund if it has social responsibility objectives. It’s a trend on the rise, and an important way advisors can make an impact with Millennials and other clients aiming to make a difference.

You can help clients navigate the burgeoning sustainable investing landscape. Learn more at this year’s Distinguished Advisor Conference, in a session entitled “Impact Investing.” Bonnie Foley-Wong (CPA, CA, CFA and author of Integrated Investing: Impacting Investing with Head, Heart, Body and Soul) will give you the tools you need to start having the right conversations with your clients.

Impact investing (or sustainable investing) refers to making investments that ultimately make a difference, socially or environmentally. There is a financial return for the investor, but they also contribute to positive change.

As we’ve outlined before, tailoring services to the Millennial niche market will be essential to advisors focused on future growth and success, particularly as they appear to have more wealth than assumed. Shifting focus to sustainable investment opportunities also allows advisors to make their own positive contribution to the world.

A couple of new studies show that this is a good move – particularly for those in the Toronto financial services sector (per a report commissioned by Toronto Finance International). It is clear that clients need advisors to guide them. According to Shroders Global Investment Study 2018, 53 percent of the world population have not yet made a sustainable investment, despite interest, because of lack of information and understanding.

Bonnie says, “The key is providing a positive screen to investment activities that make an impact and provide financial returns.” Learn more about the “whys and hows” from the dynamic leader of a Canadian impact investment and management firm that is a ground-breaker in its field.

According to a report by Morgan Stanley*

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