Business Builder Retreat in PV:  Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Business?

2019 Business Builder Retreat host Joanne Sigurdson will join Evelyn Jacks, Jenifer Bartman, Dean Cockell, and Dan Collison to discuss ways to grow your business to new successes – and greater value - while you take better care of yourself, too. Joanne shares why BBR is a must-attend event for you this fall:

First, there is the outstanding agenda ...take a moment to read it now.

Then there is the setting and the purpose. Taking place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from November 9-10, Executive Business Coach Joanne Sigurdson says, "If you are serious about your business and motivated to maximize its potential worth in both the short and longer-term...then you cannot miss this opportunity to gain new insights and practical knowledge on what it takes to move the needle on your business forward in a real way!"

She also shared with us some of the questions she intends to ask participants of the Business Builder Retreat  to help you develop your leadership potential. These are thought-provoking questions you should think about now!

1. Are you getting the most out of your business as it stands today?
2. Can you honestly say that you are building your business intentionally and strategically?
3. What do you need to focus on to grow the business to the next level of value to your customers and to you?
4. Where can you personally bring the most value to your business?
5. Do you have the right people around you to help you advance to where you want to go?

If the answer is no to even one of these questions, make a great investment in yourself and your business equity. Take advantage of the opportunity to discuss these issues as you network with other business owners and our speakers who are ready to help guide you on your journey.

Register for the Business Builder Retreat before September 15. Tuition is only $595 if you’re already attending the 2019 Distinguished Advisor Conference , also in Puerto Vallarta November 10-13.

Additional educational resources: BBR is a component of the MFA™-Executive Business Specialist Program , and those enrolled in it pay no additional tuition fees.