Communications Strategies: Transparency vs Reputational Risk

Reputation matters, as the recent nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court has experienced just this week. It matters to your business, too. According to a report by Deloitte*, it accounts for 25 percent of any business’ market value. With such significant value placed on reputation, it’s not surprising that this is the number one strategic concern of business executives.

Reputational risks that business owners prioritize mitigating include:

  1. Risks relating to ethics and integrity (including compliance, fraud, bribery and corruption issues).
  2. Security risks (both physical and security breaches).
  3. Product and service risks (relating to health and safety in the work environment).

The same report also outlined another issue that is emerging and rising in importance; and that is the reputational risk associated with third-party relationships. After all, in any client services field, the satisfaction of clients is a huge stakeholder in business success.

While investment in procedures, technology, and training helps in addressing the three reputational risks outlined above, reducing risk in this area isn’t as cut and dry and depends on establishing sound communications strategies. Even while being transparent in communicating with clients one-on-one, through marketing initiatives, and online.

To help tax and financial services professionals navigate this complex issue, all while meeting compliance requirements, Christina Fazio will walk you through strategies that work at this year’s Distinguished Advisor Conference. Join Knowledge Bureau, and Christina, Sr. National Sales Manager of Hometrust and learn more about what you should do when you face reputational risk.

Report by Deloitte*

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