Constructive Listening to Engage Culturally Diverse Clients

Many of your future clients and associates may not be Canadian-born, but reaching out to all populations and cultures can help you scale up your business, and make an important contribution to Canadian progressivity. What are the best practices to succeed in engaging clients within your diverse client-base? Daniel Collison will explore this important issue at DAC, Nov. 11-14 in Quebec City.

“There is a huge opportunity for advisors to break out of their own silos, and not just from a business point of view,” says Daniel Collison, B.A., CFP, TEP, Managing Partner, Advice2Advisors. “Building relationships is paramount and constructive listening leads to more active responses; learning how to ask appropriately for information will help you to know your client better.”

This is a timely topic since the recent USMCA trade deal included groundbreaking provisions for inclusivity. What role do tax and financial advisors play in this? Learn from Daniel’s Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) session entitled “Your New Ideal Client: Constructive Listening to Engage Culturally Diverse Clients” how to enhance your current mindset to thrive in this changing environment and be more collaborative and impactful with clients new to your services.
It’s a good way to think about addressing investment priorities your new clients may have, including active vs. passive investing and diversification strategies.

You will also find out what you need to know to check your own biases, and better embrace the needs of those who are different from you. It’s a process that Dan says will help you expand your business horizons to a new level of success.

“Daniel Collison lives by, and coaches to, the science of positive psychology to flourish in all aspects of one’s personal and professional lives, and we are thrilled to have him share his considerable knowledge and experience at the Distinguished Advisor Conference,” says Evelyn Jacks, President of Knowledge Bureau. Dan will cover these important topics in his session:

  1. How do you effecitively work with new clients in Canada’s rapidly changing demographic?
  2. How do you diversify away from concentration and correlation risk
  3. Investment styles: passive management versus active management; diversification
  4. The “Epictetus Rule”: two ears and one mouth
  5. The 5 “W’s” – constructive questioning
  6. Constructive listening
  7. Constructive listening plus = active constructive responding

The agenda, speakers and topics at DAC will truly position you and your practice to embrace change in 2019 and beyond. Register before October 31 to attend DAC. Qualify for CE Credits from IIROC, Insurance Councils and most other professional organizations and regulators.

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