DAC Delegates in the News -  Rosanna Sternat, CPA, CGA

Rosanna Sternat, CPA, CGA has attended the Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) for six consecutive years. She shares how the educational experience has benefited her public accounting practice in Selkirk, Manitoba.

Rosanna registered for DAC 2019  while attending last year's conference in Quebec City.

What is your area of practice or financial services specialty?

Public accounting practice focusing on:

  • Tax preparation/planning (personal and corporate)
  • Bookkeeping (work flow management solutions, implementation and training) – Quickbooks online and desktop Pro Advisor Advanced Certified, Sage 50 and Sage Cloud Accounting Certified Advisor and Certified Trainer
  • Year-end notice to reader, review and audit engagements

What sets DAC apart from other conferences offered to tax and financial services professionals in Canada?

The overall business value that is derived from the quality of speakers and wide range of topics, firstly. Plus, there’s the opportunity to build strong relationships with others who have the willingness to share ideas and their passion for financial literacy.

What was the most surprising or compelling thing you learned from the speakers at DAC last year?

Although DAC is a financial and wealth advisory conference, my primary goal this year was to gain insight on business building and leadership. In keynote speaker Caroline Ouellette’s session, she made two comments, the first of which I will be posting in my office: “Your job as a leader is to make everyone soar like an eagle.” And the second in the meeting room: “If one piece of the puzzle is missing, you can’t finish the puzzle.”

How did you find the sessions that don’t specifically pertain to your area of practice enhance your knowledge?

These sessions provide me with knowledge that enhances my specific area of practice. I believe that having a broad knowledge in these areas enhances my ability to assist with overall planning with my clients.

Would you say that DAC provided you with more technical knowledge, economic insight, or advice to help your holistic advice practice?

I was provided with more holistic advice because that is what I was wanting to take away this year, so that was what I was focusing on. However, the technical advice was very valuable.

What would you say about the quality and engagement of the speakers, when recommending DAC to a colleague?

The quality of the speakers was at a high level. Each of the speakers engaged the audience and kept us intrigued and interested.

Has attending DAC inspired you to pursue other educational options with Knowledge Bureau (if you haven’t already)? For example, online studies, or enrollment in CE Summit Workshops.

Yes! I have already registered for the DFA - Tax Services Specialist program and pre-registered for the MFA – Philanthropy designation that’s new in 2019.