Delegates Rave About the Business Builder Retreat

The first Business Builder Retreat hosted by Knowledge Bureau was a resounding success, according to attendees intent on rejuvenation and leadership skill development at this exclusive Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) event.

The program featured seven steps in building a business to scale all leaders should focus on: 1. Share your story. 2. Renew your passion. 3. Enhance your leadership potential. 4. Rethink your strategic plan  5. Create your safe havens  6. Manage your friends and foe - technology!  7. People power.

Here’s what this year’s attendees had to say:

Bruce Elliott of Cambridge, Ontario, was inspired by Joanne Sigurdson’s session on enhancing your leadership potential. He said, “What I liked best was the vibrancy of the presentation. Learning the difference between a leader and a manager are standards I intend to apply to scaling up my business. The top three takeaways I got from this session included: being accountable, how to let go to let others grow, and the difference between growth and scaling. After DAC I’m going to place increased focus on effective communication, engaging with staff for feedback, and giving recognition and showing appreciation to employees that determine the success of a business.”

Tina Carthigaser enjoyed the collaborative dinner event hosted by Dean Cockell of Portfolio Strategies and Evelyn Jacks. It caused her to look at the business goals that define her passion statement. “It’s unusual to get to share challenges and successes with other business leaders, and that’s what I liked most about this networking opportunity. It was helpful to hear that setting boundaries is important as a business owner; that it’s okay to be selective with clients as they won’t all fit into your business; and to know what’s really important and place focus on balance. Delegation is important to give you the time to focus on the parts of the business you’re really passionate about. Dean Cockell was very approachable, open, and non-judgemental. I’d love to learn more about recognizing leadership potential, building teams, and developing passion.”

The next Business Builder Retreat is being held in Winnipeg, June 22-23 in Winnipeg. Call 1.866.953.4769 to register.

Next year’s DAC is heading to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. If this has you feeling inspired to further develop your leadership skills, realign your priorities, and build your business, register today. Book your spot before November 15, and you’ll receive a $300 hotel credit!


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