2021: Maximize Lockdowns to Excel in a Very Different Tax Season

This year, the tax season will again be different, particularly with new rules stemming from pandemic benefits and tax credits and the complexity they have created for tax filers. And, lots has  changed at the CRA,  too. That’s why there is a great  opportunity for professionals and new entrants to the tax preparation market to improve their credentials during the continued lockdowns.  

Recently, the CRA cautioned Canadians planning to paper-file that processing times may be slower than average. This is in line with the admitted, understandable shift seen in CRA Service Standards during the Pandemic as staff transitioned to work from home, while supporting Canadians with their emergency benefit tax and program access needs.  The CRA has encouraged online filing and those planning to paper file, are urged to do so ASAP upon receipt of the 2020 income tax package, which will be mailed out by February 19, 2020.

As taxpayers have faced numerous challenges of their own, precise and accurate T1 filing will be more important than ever in 2021. Help deliver an essential service by increasing your knowledge and credentials in the tax realm. Knowledge Bureau has two important upcoming educational opportunities to get you prepared, depending upon your current level of tax education?

  1. Planning on Doing Your Own Return This Year?

Intending on filing your own return or helping friends and family with theirs? Start by taking the Professional Tax Filing – Entry Level certificate course. You’ll learn a proven process for providing consistently accurate T1 tax filing services.

Course Content:

Chapter 1 | Introduction to Income Taxation in Canada
Chapter 2 | Using Software to Prepare the Return
Chapter 3 | Filing the Return
Chapter 4 | Low Income and Credit Filers
Chapter 5 | Reporting Employment Income
Chapter 6 | Claiming Employment Deductions
Chapter 7 | Families and Children
Chapter 8 | Reporting Investment Income
Chapter 9 | Pensioners
Chapter 10| New for 2020 and Beyond


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  1. Already Have Advanced Tax Knowledge You Want to Hone for the Upcoming Season?

Act now to attend Knowledge Bureau’s Advanced T1 Tax Update! The virtual instructor-led session takes place on January 20. Plus, you’ll have access to the online course and line-by-line reference guide. Plus, you can earn up to 30 CE credits by attending the event and completing the course. Enrol by January 15 to access early-bird tuition prices and save $100.

This course qualifies as one full credit in the DFA-Tax Services Specialist™ designation program.  Take 5 more courses to earn this prestigious credential.