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Professional Income Tax Course - Entry Level


DFA-Tax Services Specialist™ Program


Income tax preparation is always timely; an essential service for families to obtain tax refunds, refundable tax credits and make tax-efficient investment decisions. In this comprehensive, yet easy-to-learn professional income tax course, learn using true-to-life case studies and student versions of professional income tax filing software. Learn how to use income tax provisions to the best benefit of each individual and the household as a whole, filing their income tax returns accurately and with confidence.


Course Content

Chapter 1 | Introduction to Income Taxation in Canada
Chapter 2 | Using Software to Prepare the Return
Chapter 3 | Filing the Return
Chapter 4 | Low Income and Credit Filers
Chapter 5 | Reporting Employment Income
Chapter 6 | Claiming Employment Deductions
Chapter 7 | Families and Children
Chapter 8 | Reporting Investment Income
Chapter 9 | Pensioners
Chapter 10| New for 2020 and Beyond

Student Experience

An open book approach is great for learning. It helped me to go back and review the materials over again so that I could get the right answers on the quiz but it also provided a good understanding of all the material. I think this course has been very helpful and will enable me to start my first year of T1s with my company in a much more effective way.

—Bryce W, Alberta


Tax preparation is always timely, as it is the taxpayer's legal right and duty to file a tax return for the entire family to the best benefit of the unit as a whole. From a tax and financial planner's point of view, it’s critical to know the mechanics of tax preparation as a prerequisite to tax efficient financial planning. By knowing how to plan and file taxes accurately, you could help your clients realize double-digit returns in their real wealth management plans.

What You'll Learn

This personal income tax course introduces a proven process for providing consistently accurate T1 tax filing services. The process starts with a professional client interview and documentation management system, as well as a thorough understanding of tax filing for the five anchor profiles upon which every personal tax return is based:

• Low-income and credit filing
• Employees
• Families and children
• Investors
• Seniors

Bonus: you will learn more about the pandemic response provisions:

1. Tax filing/payment relief – 2019 returns
2. New tax brackets and rates (federal and provincial)
3. Overview of indexed 2020 non-refundable tax credits
4. Low-income and credit filing (GSTC)
5. Employees (EI programs, CERB, new need for T2200 for 2020)
6. Families and children (CCB)
7. Investors (keep track of capital losses; RRSP/RPP maximums for 2020)
8. Seniors (CPP benefits, OAS clawbacks, RRIF changes)
9. Write off for electronic subscriptions
10. New qualifying charitable organizations

What’s Included

• Personal course selection consultation
• Virtual campus orientation
• Lesson and study plans
• Personal instructor email support
• Comprehensive Knowledge Journal
• EverGreen Online Research Library
• Knowledge Bureau calculators
• Testing and certification
• CE/CPD accreditation

Marking Guide

Case Studies
Final Exam
Passing Grade
Honours Achievement

All students who pass the course will receive a certificate. Students who receive a mark of 90% or better will receive a gold honours bar on their certificates.

CE | CPD Credits

Knowledge Bureau | 30 CPE credits

Please read the Standards of Conduct. Designates of Knowledge Bureau require 15 CE/CPD credits before year end to re-license their registered marks for the next calendar year.

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