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Professional Income Tax Course - (Basic) Entry Level


DFA- Personal Tax Services Specialist™ Program


Perfect for individuals who want to achieve the credentials needed to file income tax returns professionally out of their home or office. It is also suitable for those who wish to start a new career with a tax preparation, accounting or financial services firms. Growing tax accounting offices will find this to be the right course to train new employees as knowledgeable tax preparers or front desk staff. Graduates are thoroughly trained on the latest personal income tax changes using professional tax software in a case study approach. Research skills are honed as well, in the comprehensive online research library known as EverGreen Explanatory Notes. The sophisticated tax estimator tools from Knowledge Bureau provide plenty of opportunity to try “what if” scenarios prior to software updates for the next tax year.

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Enrol Program Guide

Course Content

Chapter 1 | Introduction to Income Taxation in Canada
Chapter 2 | Using Software to Prepare the Return
Chapter 3 | Filing the Return
Chapter 4 | Low Income and Credit Filers
Chapter 5 | Reporting Employment Income
Chapter 6 | Claiming Employment Deductions
Chapter 7 | Families and Children
Chapter 8 | Reporting Investment Income
Chapter 9 | Pensioners
Chapter 10| New for 2020 and Beyond

Student Experience

An open book approach is great for learning. It helped me to go back and review the materials over again so that I could get the right answers on the quiz but it also provided a good understanding of all the material. I think this course has been very helpful and will enable me to start my first year of T1s with my company in a much more effective way.

—Bryce W, Alberta


Tax preparation is always timely, as it is the taxpayer's legal right and duty to file a tax return for the entire family to the best benefit of the unit as a whole. From a tax and financial planner's point of view, it’s critical to know the mechanics of tax preparation as a prerequisite to tax efficient financial planning. By knowing how to plan and file taxes accurately, you could help your clients realize double-digit returns in their real wealth management plans.

What You'll Learn

This personal income tax course introduces a proven process for providing consistently accurate T1 tax filing services. The process starts with a professional client interview and documentation management system, as well as a thorough understanding of tax filing for the five anchor profiles upon which every personal tax return is based:

• Low-income and credit filing
• Employees
• Families and children
• Investors
• Seniors

Bonus: you will learn more about the pandemic response provisions:

1. Tax filing/payment relief – 2020 returns
2. New tax brackets and rates (federal and provincial)
3. Overview of indexed 2020 non-refundable tax credits
4. Low-income and credit filing (GSTC)
5. Employees (EI programs, CERB, new need for T2200 for 2020)
6. Families and children (CCB)
7. Investors (keep track of capital losses; RRSP/RPP maximums for 2020)
8. Seniors (CPP benefits, OAS clawbacks, RRIF changes)
9. Write off for electronic subscriptions
10. New qualifying charitable organizations

What’s Included

• Personal course selection consultation
• Virtual campus orientation
• Lesson and study plans
• Personal instructor email support
• Comprehensive Knowledge Journal
• EverGreen Online Research Library
• Knowledge Bureau calculators
• Testing and certification
• CE/CPD accreditation

Marking Guide

Case Studies
Final Exam
Passing Grade
Honours Achievement

All students who pass the course will receive a certificate. Students who receive a mark of 90% or better will receive a gold honours bar on their certificates.

CE | CPD Credits

Knowledge Bureau | 30 CPE credits

Please read the Standards of Conduct. Designates of Knowledge Bureau require 15 CE/CPD credits before year end to re-license their registered marks for the next calendar year.

Please contact us to stay onside with your re-licensing requirements and to receive your VIP designate rates on your tuition fees.


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