Graduates in the News – Jim Gunn, CFP, RWM™

Knowledge Bureau graduate Jim Gunn of Ontario pursued his Real Wealth Management (RWM™) designation to complement his other credentials, which including CFP, RRC, CEA, CPCA, and Insurance Broker. His goal in obtaining his RWM™ was to help his diverse client-base with niche issues using a holistic approach while building trust and delivering value. Here’s his story:

How would you tell your Knowledge Bureau story to a friend?

Many financial professionals probably know that Knowledge Bureau is a widely respected education institution in Canada. From my own experience and perspective I can attest to the fact that it is a great place to enhance your education while running my business at the same time.

Why did you decide to take a KB course?

With my financial background and need to constantly keep up to speed with many aspects of the financial planning world and my desire to specialize in niche areas, I decided to expand my knowledge and obtain the RWM™ designation. As a Financial Advisor (CFP, RRC, CEA, CPCA and Insurance Broker) I am working with clients on addressing many issues that are affecting every aspect of their lives. My client base is multi layered and age diversified so the issues are wide ranging and sometimes unpredictable. The more you are able to learn, the better you can point people to the right direction.

What did you find difficult?

Over the years I taken many courses on line, so I was familiar with this concept. I personally did not find this type of studying to be very difficult. The hardest part was probably to find a quiet place to emerge myself in studies and not to be interrupted by phone calls and other distractions.

Did anything surprise you in the courses?

I was surprised how focused this program was.

How did you feel when taking the courses?

I felt that I am advancing my knowledge and technical skills to allow me to better serve my clients. 

What did your family think about the amount of time spent?

My family was and still is very supportive when it comes to my profession and everything that comes with it. They know that enhancing my knowledge through different courses, webinars and sessions is a big part of my financial and insurance profession.

Were you happy with the outcomes?

Extremely. RWM designation was accepted very well with my client base. Clients appreciated my efforts to widen my knowledge that they all will benefit from.

What are your future goals?

I will be using all I have learned with my clients on an everyday basis. It is very exciting to use this to help people and guide them through many difficult times.

What is the glimpse of wisdom you can share with our readers?

“Knowledge is Power”, so keep learning. You can never know too much.

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