New & Improved: Advanced Tax Course for 2023 Tax Season

Ready to increase your tax skillset for the 2023 tax season? The newly updated Personal Tax Course – Advanced Level from Knowledge Bureau will prepare you to dive deeper into the more complex tax scenarios you will want to do more confidently to enhance your professional service offerings next year.  It’s available now so you can start your Summer School – personally or for your staff – and as a KBR reader, we have a special tuition offer for you too.

“I loved the course setup. I could work at my own pace and I could print off the assignments. This course, unlike CGA courses, did not treat me like a child by expecting an assignment each week. This course just gave me a deadline for completion and allowed me to work as quickly or as slowly as I deemed necessary.” - Robert J. S., Manitoba

Fully updated to the latest budget, this comprehensive course delves deeply into the deductions, tax credits, and tax calculations on the personal tax return, with an emphasis on capital gains and losses, and registered and non-registered investment income sources.  This is the perfect course more experienced practitioners and returning staff to busy tax practices ready for a challenge.

Personal Tax Course – Advanced Level

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Professional tax practitioners are those who have excellent investigative skills and refined research skills. You will become successful at both and be equipped with leading-edge tools to do so. This comprehensive self-study course features case studies that require research exercises using EverGreen Explanatory Notes focusing in on the details behind employment deductions, investment income reporting, capital acquisitions and dispositions, including real property and real-life applications and variations.

The comprehensive course content will teach you:

  • New Knowledge:Tax/Wealth Management Strategies
  • Practice Management: How to Simplify Your Efforts
  • Practical Applications:How to Get Better Client Outcomes

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 | Update and Review
  • Chapter 2 | Family Filing
  • Chapter 3 | Employment Income
  • Chapter 4 | Unique Employment Profiles – Commission Sales, etc.
  • Chapter 5 | Retirement
  • Chapter 6 | Investors
  • Chapter 7 | Asset Management
  • Chapter 8 | Life Events
  • Chapter 9 | Business Starts and Stops
  • Chapter 10 | Death and Estate Planning

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