Partnership Opportunity: Help Advisors Prepare for the Roaring 2020’s

Are financial professionals having the conversations required to prepare clients for Black Swan events that could dramatically change balance sheet valuations? That requires acuity – a sharpness of thought and vision - the theme of this year’s Distinguished Advisor Conference in Niagara Falls, October 28-30.  We are now inviting proposals on topics to be delivered by sponsors and partners to the event. Here’s why you should join us.

This is your best opportunity to get involved with a network of thought leaders from the tax, financial services and bookkeeping industries who are engaged in helping advisors think deeply about the trust and responsibility they hold in their practices. Especially in working  with high net worth families who need to engage a multi-stakeholder environment to enable long-term financial peace of mind.   

By becoming a sponsor for DAC Acuity 2020 you will be able to take your thought leadership and your message to Canada’s only strategic conference for all three industries. Your opportunity is to share knowledge and bright insights on how all the collaborative efforts of all the financial services intermediaries, working together, can help to accumulate, grow, preserve and transition family wealth more successfully. In fact, you can proactively help bookkeeping,  tax and financial advisors prepare their clients effectively for the roaring 2020’s.

Here are some of the topics we are working on that you could lend your voice to, or you may have some suggestions of your own:

  • Bolder Thinking: Getting Wealth Management Right
  • The Burden of Wealth: Estate Planning with Trusts
  • Trends in Retirement Planning: Use of Life Insurance in a Retirement Strategy
  • Transformational Practices: Reworking Value Propositions and Fee Structures in the Digital Age
  • Bright Insights:Investing in an Age of Climate Change
  • Women Taking the Reins: Financial Influencers on the Move
  • Time Value of Money: Addressing the Investors Conundrum with the Basics
  • Year-End Tax Planning Ideas & Strategies for High Net Worth Clients
  • Sales and Marketing: The Latest Trends in Building New Client Bases
  • Taking your Inspirational Message Forward

By partnering for this conference you will receive the following benefits:

  • Affordable weekly exposure for your brand to tens of thousands of advisors across Canada from all three industries
  • The opportunity to speak and/or educate delegates at the event
  • Unique business opportunities with professionally planned events
  • Exposure to a motivated, highly-engaged audience of influencers who will carry your message forward to the thousands of clients they represent in their practices.

Title, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze sponsorship levels are available. Learn more in our DAC Acuity Partnership Brochure.